Automation Ranges provided by VackerGlobal

//Automation Ranges provided by VackerGlobal

VackerGlobal is a top brand that has been supplying automation services and system integrators for all kinds of customers in the UAE region. Automation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world due to the wide application it has on the daily life of people. Automation is the demand of today’s world and has been used for both commercial and residential use. In fact, the most important application of automation lies in the process industries.

Process industries have come leaps and bounds with the development in automation. The increasing demand for sustainable and energy efficient products have been the main reason behind the development of automation. The range of automation industries is very vast as it covers huge fields such as various sensors development, internet of things, building automation, industrial automation, etc.


Sensors are the most basic part of automation.

VackerGlobal is the one stop place for all kinds of sensors. In fact, we have a separate branch for sensor supply in the region. Some of the types of sensors that we have been supplied for many years are as listed below:

  1. Pressure sensors
  2. Motion sensors
  3. Presence sensors
  4. Gas sensors
  5. Water leakage sensors
  6. Environment sensors

Internet of thingsinternet-of-things-vacker

Internet of things or IOT is a technique to interconnect various entities or digital machines to one another and a computer or computer-like devices. In IOT, every entity of the system is given identifiers that are unique from the identifiers of other entities. These identifiers make it possible for the devices to exchange various data with each other without any manual intervention. IOT is also one of the main parts of automation and the field of IOT is increasing with each passing time.

Building automation

building-automation-solutionsBuilding automation is the system through which various parameters of the building can be controlled and monitored regularly. Some of the parameters that need regular monitoring and control are the humidity, temperature, oxygen level, occupancy, etc. Building automation helps to connect various systems of a building to a central system with the help of internet. Some of the most common systems of a building that is integrated to a building automation systems are HVAC system, lighting system, surveillance system, fire alarm system and much more. All these systems can be monitored and controlled from a remote place with the help of an automation system.

Industrial automation

industrial-automation-solution-provider-in-dubai-saudiVackerGlobal has been providing automation solutions for various kinds of process industries in the UAE region. Some of the industries that we have been providing our industrial automation services to are packaging industries, glass industries, oil and gas industry, paint industry, printing and packaging industry etc. All our PLC automation systems are customizable according to the industries.

Building Information Modeling

We also provide Building information Modeling in the UAE region to make the buildings and other infrastructure more efficient and environment-friendly. Our building information modeling is done by experts in the field who have been successful in designing intelligent and smart models that are easy to manage. Our expert engineers take all the factors into account to give the customers the best efficient models with the look of the stylish design.