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//Cold Room Provider

Vacker Global has been working for many years as a trusted supplier and service provider in integrated refrigeration. Our company is an internationally known supplier, trader, wholesaler and retailer of cold rooms, cold storage rooms and cold room units for industries and commercial buildings. We also provide our services for domestic houses.

Cold Room provider in UAE, GCC region

We supply different types of refrigerated cold rooms, walk-in freezers, chiller rooms, modular type cold rooms for food industries, medicine storage, vaccine storage etc. in different countries such as United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Oman, Cameroon, Chad, Djibouti, Angola, Kuwait and many more. Our cold storage rooms have been used for storage of vegetables, fruits and grains. We also offer energy efficient cold rooms for hospitals for preserving different important vaccines, medicines, blood plasma, serum samples and other biological samples.

Our cold rooms are highly efficient to maintain the desired temperature for a long period of time. We also provide chiller rooms for the preservation of dairy products such as milk, cheese, paneer . Our chiller rooms are also been hugely used for the preservation of raw meat.

Freezer or chiller room for meat storage

We provide various range of freezer or chiller room for meat storage for all kinds of customers. We have been supplying various temperature controlled storage for large meat industries that are perfectly capable of meeting the demands of all types of customers. We provide the best condition for meat storage as well as for the transportation of meat. Meat rail cold stores, mobile cold rooms and blast freezers are all available in our company.

With the most versatile range of meat chillers and freezer rooms we have quite succeeded in addressing many problems in the field of meat storage. The easy to control temperature system in our cold rooms help not only to keep the meat in frozen state but also helps in defrosting as the temperature of our cold rooms can easily be extended above 35 degree Celsius. Generally we provide freezer rooms for meat storage built internally with stainless steel which are easy to clean.

Our freezer and chiller room create the most ideal environment for meat storage. These freezer rooms are designed in such a way that these can be used many times for a long period of time. We also provide customized freezer rooms to meet any additional requirement of our customers. Cold Room supplier uae, gcc

Walk in freezers for food and pharmaceutical industry

Vacker Global supplies a complete range of highly energy efficient chillers and walk-in freezers for food and pharma industries. We are one of the major suppliers of walk-in freezers for food and pharmaceutical industries. With our walk-in freezers for food and pharmaceutical industries will help the customers to save money from power consumptions. We also happen to have highly skilled technicians who are always ready to provide you with technical support and advice to the customers according to the requirement. We provide extra-large walk-in freezers for the storage of large quantity of products.

Our walks in freezers are investigated by panel of experts in the field to meet the international standards for food storage as well as medicine storage. These walk-in freezers come with robust construction that makes them highly durable even in the harshest of the conditions. The low maintenance cost of these walk-in freezers also provide much needed economic relief to the users.

These freezers capability for the storage of products help our customers to find the best values for their products and keep their business go on strongly. We are proud to serve the best walk-in freezers for the important industries such as pharmaceutical industries and help them grow their business.

Cold storages for medicines and vaccines

Medicines and vaccines are the lifeline of human beings. Many medicines and vaccines are required to be stored in a very low temperature than other products. We know how important it is to maintain an ideal temperature range for the preservation of the quality of vaccines and medicines. Since medicines and vaccines are related to health of general public there is no way the storage conditions of medicines and vaccines should be compromised.

We provide different sizes of walk-in cold storage rooms for the proper storage of medicines and vaccines. Customers can get all sizes of cold storage room from small, medium to large sizes. We provide advanced engineering in our cold storage rooms to reduce the energy consumption and cost-effective. They also come with multi-pane viewing door that helps in prevention of condensation on the surface for clear viewing inside.

Storing and proper handling of vaccines can go a long way in saving money and life of many people. Improper storage decreases the potency of the vaccines. According to World Health Organization and many researchers a lot of vaccines worth millions of dollars are wasted due to improper storage of the vaccines. It is often said that it is better not vaccinating than to vaccinate with the mishandled vaccines for the health of the people. With our cold storage for vaccines there is no compromise with the quality of the vaccines as we have built good amount of confidence with our excellent services.

Modular dismantle type cold rooms for hotels, hospitals and pharma

We are internationally acclaimed supplier of modular dismantle type cold rooms for hotels, hospitals and pharma. Our offered cold rooms are highly capable of storing various food products such as vegetables, fruits, raw meat, dairy products, medicines, blood plasma, biological samples for a long period of time.

We have various ranges of modular cold rooms with various sizes. Micro cold rooms, mini cold rooms, large cold rooms and extra-large cold rooms are available to meet the storage requirement of all types of customers. All our cold rooms are installed with duty standby redundancy systems that work as a backup for all important functions of the cold rooms especially during a power cut. Cold storage for industries

The cold rooms are installed with sophisticated controlling and monitoring probes that are highly accurate and precise. The temperatures of the cold rooms are maintained uniform inside the chamber with the help of forced air circulation systems. Easy defrost systems and maintenance are another strong part of our cold rooms.

Energy efficient cold rooms using normal split type AC

Vacker Global supplies a special type of thermostatic controller that helps to develop normal rooms into energy efficient cold rooms just by using normal split type AC. General types of walk-in cooler refrigeration systems can cost a lot from 2500 dollars to 3000 dollars according to the place. Generally, the cooling technique of these walk-in refrigeration systems are high energy consuming and produce harmful chemicals for the environment. The refrigeration systems use multiple fans and big motors for cooling which is the reason they consume high amount of energy.

The large surface area of the refrigeration system also does not help in energy conservation. Just using common Ac for cold rooms cannot be efficient as they are designed to not go lower than 60 degree Fahrenheit. Although by using some of the simple tricks such as snipping, soldering and bypassing electrical controls they can be taken to lower limits but still that won’t be too much effective. Cold storage for pharma storage

The special thermostatic controller consists of a heating element along with many sensors and a microcontroller that is capable of directing the air conditioners compressor to operate in less than 36 degree Fahrenheit without getting frozen. These special types of thermostatic controllers help you to build a energy efficient cold rooms with a very low cost. With some precautions taken to insulate the cooler properly and choosing the right sized split AC you can maintain the temperature as low as you like in your homemade cold rooms. We have helped thousands of people to reduce their electric bills and their humble feedbacks are the proof of it. Different experiments and experience has proved that this system is a lot energy efficient than a conventional refrigeration systems.