Hoist Rigging System

//Hoist Rigging System

V76A Pendant Control Hoist Module is suitable for Sets, Orchestra Shells and Large sized Electrics in larger theaters where manual push button control is required. It provides fixed lifting speeds with soft starts and stops at maximum lifting capacities. It is a perfect choice when requirements call for a batten of 2000 lbs or less lifting capacity.

  • SPEED: 20 ft/min
  • LIFTING CAPACITY: 2000 lbs
  • TRAVEL DISTANCE: Standard Travel 65’ – Additional travel distance available upon request
    • Length: 12’-8”
    • Height: 19.3” Does not include backbone stiffener height
    • Width: 9”
    • WIRE ROPE LIFT LINES: 3/16” 7x19 Galvanized Aircraft Cable run to a single Nylatron® drum
  • WEIGHT: 650 lbs

Every Vortek® hoist system is built to lift line standards of 10:1 design factor.

Glass filled Nylatron® drum features helical grooves which fully envelops lift lines to insure positive tracking and avoid “pile winding” wire rope. Glass filled Nylatron® is less abrasive to wire rope than steel drums as noted by SAE. Nylatron is quieter than steel.

Pendant Control Center features; Soft Start and Soft Stop, Momentary push buttons for directional control with ability to store and clear up to four targets with the turn of a key, Relative positioning errors between targets of no more than .02”. Easy to adjust I batten sensitivity, Maintained mushroom head emergency stop button.

Vortek® control system general architecture is composed of “Off the Shelf Parts” which are available world wide

Wireless Remote with e-stop available

Acoustical barrier significantly lowers audible noise from escaping the enclosure. 6 decibels over ambient noise level with no outstanding frequencies.

Acoustical Cover: Self-extinguishing fire retardant thermoplastic that holds a UL94-V0-5VA flammability rating. This is the most flame retardant UL94 rating for any material available today.

Loft Block: Self-extinguishing, molded, glass-reinforced, heat stabilized nylon 66 resins. This material has been tested to ASTM D 648 and ASTM D 3418 standards and holds a UL94-HB flammability rating.

Power wiring is installed in a common buss system with pigtail taps for ease of connection to each Vortek® hoist.

The power pigtail cords are equipped with twist locking connectors to connect 3-phase 200-240VAC or 380-480 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz power to each Vortek® hoist module as specified in the system riser drawing. (Wireways provided by Vortek™) Hoist motor horsepower: 2 HP standard for VP76A.

Vortek Automation Center (VAC)Vortek VAC


The Vortek® Automation Center (VAC™) is the brains behind the Vortek® Automated Rigging System. There is no show too big or small for the VAC™. Each VAC™ is supplied with Vortek® software to ensure unbeatable reliability, protection and security. Productions requiring either multiple presets or hundreds of cues are handled smoothly through VAC™. VAC™ offers an optional seamless, instantaneous recovery of cues, which prevents a processor failure from stopping your show.

  • VAC™ is wheelchair accessible
  • VAC™ screens are inherently intuitive
  • Maintained mushroom head e-stop button
  • Multiple e-stop locations available
  • Variable speeds
  • Virtually unlimited cues
  • Easy-to-use preset screens
  • Digital photography identification for scenery
  • Factory pre-set ultimate software limits
  • Adjustable batten high/low and intermediate trim targets
  • VAC™ will operate up to 250 Vortek® units on one system
  • Target and position repeatability is consistently within 1/50" accuracy
  • Adjust over-load under-load sensitivity of battens
  • Motor restrict function gives administrative control over selective hoist access
  • Multi-language feature along with a user selectable menu for English/Metric position conversion
  • VAC™ uses easy-to-operate touch screens, splash proof keypad and dual joysticks
  • Ramped starts and stops for smooth acceleration and deceleration
  • VAC™ has 3 levels of password protection; factory, administrator and user
  • Seamless recovery of cues in the event of main possessor failure (optional with backup laptop)
  • All electrical components are off the shelf parts and available worldwide
  • Multiple synchronous battens track together in groups within 1/50" accuracy
  • Remote service and assistance