Mapping study for cool dollies

//Mapping study for cool dollies

Cool dollies are commonly used in air cargo services and it is mainly because they have to store the temperature sensitive goods in case if the warehouse is overloaded. Generally, they store the goods such as fresh fruits, flowers, fish, vegetables, meat, chocolates, frozen foods and pharmaceuticals inside a cool dolly. And also by using a cool dolly, it is easy to move temperature sensitive goods from one place to another place while maintaining the particular temperature level inside the cool dolly. So the goods inside the cool dolly will not get damaged even while moving because they seal it in a very safe manner which the external hotness is not entered into the cool dolly.

cool-dolly-temperature-mapping-studySo to ensure the cool dolly is maintaining the permitted temperature level we use mapping study. So to check the exact temperature range we will conduct mapping study for complete 3-4 days. So during that time period if the cool dolly is maintaining the permitted range we certify that the cool dolly works in perfect condition.

We use iMini data loggers to monitor and record the temperature level for the mapping study. The number of data loggers we install inside the cool dolly will depend on the size of the cool dolly and 1 data logger we install outside the cool dolly to get complete set of temperature level.  iMini data loggers’ record temperature level once every 1 minutes time interval and all these mentioned conditions and criteria will be all based on WHO protocol standards.

illustration-of-cool-dolly-vackerglobalAs per the maintaining temperature range we conduct mapping study for cool dolly for 2°C – 8°C, 15°C – 25°C and minus temperature ranges. Hence the temperature range which we conduct mapping study will be based on which temperature level they maintain for the cool dolly so based on that we will carry out the study.

For the cool dolly mapping studies we do two climatic seasonal tests as winter and summer. So to get a clear image of the temperature range of the cool dolly unit the air cargo company has to complete both winter and summer seasons.

cool-dolly-temperature-mapping-study-vackerglobalSo depend on the captured temperature ranges VackerGlobal team will analyze and recommend the cool dolly condition and in case if the cool dolly is not as per the estimated standard condition VackerGlobal team will provide technical solution for the issues.

We conduct temperature and humidity mapping throughout all Middle East countries such as United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan etc. and also we provided mapping services to the one of the largest regional airlines service in the Middle East.