Vacker Global associates with Interzon

//Vacker Global associates with Interzon

We are proud to announce that Vacker Global has expanded air engineering solutions with the association of Interzon. We are proud to launch various AirMaid ozone generators manufactured by Interzon in our global markets. Our association with this Swedish brand is to bring our customers the highest quality ozone generators made with most advanced technology available at the most reasonable price.

The association between the two companies is sure to benefit all the consumers around the world. Our long experience in the supply industry and with more than 20 years of experience in ozone generator manufacturing of Interzon is set to add a new dimension to the air engineering solutions. With the association, Vacker Global has succeeded in adding air engineering solutions to its already impressive list of engineering solutions which include automation, cold chain management, HVAC solutions, data logging, etc.

The AirMaid generators by Interzon are known for their energy efficiency and work efficiency. These generators are available in various models to address the requirement of all types of customers. The generators have helped many customers create a healthy environment by keeping the grease and odors at low levels. With high capacity of odor removal, all the AirMaid generators come with a sleek design to add a cool look to your property. Powered with The Corona Glass Cell, all the ozone generators are ensured they meet the required international standards. The AirMaid ozone generators have certainly been successful to be the number one choice of many industries and professionals in the European market.

We will be providing AirMaid for ventilation, compactor, sanitation and small spaces with the association of Interzon.

AirMaid for ventilation

The AirMaid for ventilation is manufactured under the V-series of the ozone generator. Install this highly efficient ozone generator to breathe a life of fresh air in your living room. With the generation of ozone, it will help you odorless and healthy air. The v-series generator will also eliminate harmful bacteria from the air. it helps to lower the level of grease in exhaust ducts and helps to reduce the risk of fire breakout of a place. It also minimizes the need of cleaning the duct and save the user lots of money. AirMaid is very easy to use and are used in many fields such as agriculture, residential homes, food and beverage industry, industrial kitchens, restaurants and much more.

AirMaid for Odour Removal

Water treatment plants, pumping stations etc. have an environment that is full of odor and unhealthy air. The air of such locations is filled with harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide which have many bad effects on human health. We bring T-series of AirMaid that has been designed especially to cleanse the air of such locations and establish an odor-free, healthy environment for people. These models can effectively displace the harmful chemicals from the air by generating ozone. The T-series of AirMaid are available in both heavy duty industrial models and portable models. These models of AirMaid have been used in many fields such as fire and smoke sanitation, water treatment plants, water and sewage systems, pumping stations etc.

AirMaid for compactors

The area around a compactor or a waste bin is filled with organic gases and odors. AirMaid is the best solution to remove the bacterial presence and organic odor from such solutions as it is the most environment-friendly solution for such problem. It is highly cost-effective and has been trusted by many experts around the world.

AirMaid for small spaces

We provide specially designed AirMaid for small spaces such as waste rooms, smoke rooms, hotel rooms, cars, boats, offices, kitchens, attics, basements etc. These models are very light in weight hence are easier to carry from one another. Build an environment where you can relax by removing odors of mould, paint, and smoke from the location.

Our association with Interzon will help our customers to access one of the best European brands in air engineering solutions. Vacker Global and Interzon both are looking for a long lasting and successful association with each other.