Temperature Mapping in Pharmaceutical Industry

//Temperature Mapping in Pharmaceutical Industry

Vacker Global has been providing different kinds of engineering solutions to the problems of people related to their day to day life. One of the important services we provide all over the world is the Temperature Mapping service. We provide temperature mapping in pharmaceutical industry, warehouses, storage areas, etc.

What is Temperature Mapping in Pharmaceutical Industry?

We all know that temperature varies from one place to another but if we micro study the temperature we will find that the temperature varies within the same location of a place. In temperature mapping, we analyze the uniform distribution of temperature and humidity in a controlled area under different kinds of conditions. It helps to confirm that the controlled region is within the desired temperature level and the region is thermally insulated. Temperature mapping is usually useful for different types of storage units, warehouses, transportation of medicines, cold rooms, refrigerators, etc.

We provide temperature mapping in Pharmaceutical Industries in storage of medicines, vaccines, etc. Following categories in the pharmaceutical industries require temperature mapping:

  • Cold rooms (for medicines that require 2 to 8 degree Celsius)Warehouses (for medicines that require 15 to 25 degree Celsius)
  • Vans and reefer trucks (for medicine that require temperature from 2 to 8 degree Celsius or 15 to 25 degree Celsius)
  • Autoclaves
  • Medical freezers and refrigerators

Importance of Temperature Mapping in Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry is related to the production, storage and transportation of life-saving medicines. Temperature mapping helps to maintain the right temperature for production, storage and transportation of medicines. Medicines are very sensitive to temperature hence, if not provided with the right temperature, they get damaged easily. Temperature mapping helps to maintain the quality of medicines over a long period of time.

Protocol for Temperature Mapping

Since there is no governmental protocol for temperature mapping our company Vacker Global follows the protocol set by our own company as well as demanded by our customers.

Results of Temperature Mapping Study

After temperature mapping there are various results and conclusion we can drive:

  • We can find out if there are any hotspots in the room. Are the hotspots rectifiable? If not then use of such spots should be prevented.
  • In case of power cut due to various reasons how long will be the area safe for the storage of goods?
  • We also can determine the right location for installing the sensors and recording instruments. It helps in proper monitoring of different factors continuously.
  • We also can draw the amount of machinery and number of people that can occupy the controlled location continuously.
  • We also can find the variation in condition due to change in outer climate.

Hot Spots and Cold Spots

The main objective of the temperature is to determine the hot and cold spots of a controlled location. In temperature mapping study the hot spot of a controlled location is the hottest point and the cold spot means the coldest spot. These hot spots and cold spots are required to be continuously monitored with the help of temperature monitoring system.