Basement De humidifiers

Basement De humidifiers

Vacker Dubai supplies basement dehumidifiers manufactured by Trotec, Germany in the Middle East countries.

Why humidity of basement is high?basement-dehumidifier-Dubai-Abudhabi-UAE

A basement will have limited air movement and cool air being heavier has a tendency to go to the lower areas. This makes the basement be more prone to high humidity than a higher floor.

There are many piping networks in a basement and even a minute leakages will cause huge moisture in the area. Also, you might be storing materials such as textile, paper products, card board products etc. which by nature absorb moisture. Such reasons cause high humidity in a basement which causes health hazard, maintenance problems and even integrity of the structure in the long term.

Basement dehumidifiers for reducing humidity of basement

For reducing the humidity, there is no other option than using dehumidifiers. There are a huge variety of dehumidifiers manufactured by Trotec, Germany for various commercial applications including basement de-humidification. One such model is briefed below:calculate-dehumidification-capacity-in-excel

Dehumidifier Model TTK 400 by Trotec, Germany

Dehumidification performance

Dehumidification capacity at 20 °C and 60 % RH is 30 l/24h.

Dehumidification capacity at 30 °C and 80 % RH is 55 l/24h.stainless-steel-basement-de-humidifier

Maximum performance capacity is 75 l/24h.

Amount of air

Max. air volume is 420 m³/h.

Recommended room size dry keeping

It is capable of dry keeping a room size of maximum 940 m³.

Recommendations for selecting and using a basement dehumidifierfilter-of-basement-dehumidifier

  1. The filters of a dehumidifier used in basement need to be cleaned more frequently. The filters get clogged faster since the air in the basement will be dusty. If the filter is not cleaned frequently, the air intake will be affected and hence the performance of the basement dehumidifier will be affected. Hence when you should check that the filter is easily removable for cleaning or replacing.
  2. If you are in a cold country where the temperature goes below 10 Degree centigrade, please check the following before buying a basement dehumidifier:
  3. If you are selecting a condensation dehumidifier, make sure that it has an auto defrost facility. Otherwise, this type dehumidifier will not work below 10 Degree Centigrade
  4. Otherwise you may select a desiccant type dehumidifier which is much more effective at low temperatures.
  5. If you are using a desiccant dehumidifier, make sure that the processed wet air is sent above the ground level. Otherwise, the wet air will reach back to your basement.
  6. The unit should have hygrostat (also known as humidistat) which is for setting the desired humidity levels. There are many models which do not have a hygro-stat. Such a basement dehumidifier will work continuously consuming more electrical power.calculate-dehumidification-capacity-in-excel
  7. If it is a basement with a lot of wide openings, it is ineffective to use a dehumidifier unless you use a very high capacity basement dehumidifier. The machine will be continuously processing humid air and more and more humid air will be coming into the basement through those openings.basement-dehumidifiers-models
  8. You can use this excel sheet for calculating the required capacity of any dehumidifier. However, you may note that the calculation will be correct only if it is a closed basement. Otherwise, you may consider an air exchange ratio of 2  in the excel sheet.

Vacker Dubai supplies all types of basement de-humidifiers in all emirates of the United Arab Emirates covering Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain. Also, Vacker supplies in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan etc.

Also Vacker Africa supplies these models in African countries covering Djibouti, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania etc.

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