PLC Dehumidifiers

PLC Dehumidifier

There are various kinds of dehumidifiers supplied by various companies in the market. Due to this very reason it becomes very hard to decide what types of dehumidifiers to buy as a customer. But worry not we at Vacker Global provide our customers with all kinds of facts and information that you need to know as a buyer so that you can choose yourself what type of dehumidifiers you want.

Our services and products are available in various countries of the world such as United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Chad, Djibouti, Tanzania, Morocco and many more.

PLC dehumidifier by Vacker Global

We present line of various PLC dehumidifier models especially for the industries. Our low power PLC dehumidifiers can also be used for residential homes as it is getting popular day by day among the customers.

PLC Dehumidifier for domestic purposeThese PLC dehumidifiers are capable of blowing away your mind with its performance. Our dehumidifiers are designed to save optimum energy in your industries or residential homes and give you much needed financial relief. Our PLC dehumidifiers come with the most advanced control system that will provide the users with all the necessary information about the performance of the dehumidifier.

We offer you the best remote access control of the dehumidifier so that you can enjoy the product in the best possible way. Our PLC dehumidifiers are also customized according to your requirements. These customizable features of our dehumidifiers have helped the demand of our dehumidifiers skyrocket.

Industrial PLC dehumidifier

PLC Dehumidifier for industry useOur industrial PLC dehumidifier is designed and manufactured to perform in various industrial environments of process industries. The compact dehumidifiers are built to meet all the requirements of process industries. These dehumidifiers have very low dew points which can be achieved just with a single pass in the dehumidifier.

We also provide PLC dehumidifiers that are specially designed for chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. These dehumidifiers can also be used in the warehouses, art galleries, cold rooms and many more. Fully integrated capacity control system of the dehumidifiers has made these dehumidifiers more user-friendly. Stainless steel chassis and internal insulation system have made the dehumidifiers more durable.

PLC dehumidifiers for chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industriesWe also provide dehumidifiers with Aluminum frame for the users who like aluminum frame better. These frames are protected with the layer of mineral wool which are capable of resisting the fire in cases of fire outbreak.
We are very excited with the kind of responses we are getting from our customer and hope to bring more influential products in the near future.

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  1. beIN Sports require a permanent solution to achieve 20°C and 40%RH in their server room as per the operational requirement of one of their critical equipment supplied by IBM. The current room is getting its cooling from the supplied CRAC units in the adjacent room via grills installed on the walls between both rooms. The current CRAC units are of chilled water type and selected during project stage to maintain desired temperature.
    We recommend to have DX CRAC units as permanent solution to server. Installation of additional 2 DX (72 KW) CRAC units, where one will operate as duty and one as standby.
    You can contact us to make site visit arrangement.

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