Recommended Humidity levels

Recommended Humidity levels

dehumidifier-supplierWe are providing a generic list of recommended humidity levels for various residential, commercial and industrial conditions. After checking your current humidity levels, you can select the right dehumidifier or humidifier to control the humidity. The recommended levels are only for guidance. The exact recommended levels should be checked with the manufacturer of the respective products. This is because even under the same category, different manufacturers will have different recommendations.

Should you need to control humidity we are supplying dehumidifiers and humidifiers manufactured by Trotec, Germany. Please contact us with your requirement and we will assist you to select the correct dehumidifier.

Selection criteria for controlling the humidity

In order to select the right equipment for controlling the humidity, you need to collect these details:

  1. Maximum and minimum temperature levels.
  2. Maximum and minimum Relative Humidity (%RH) in the present situation.
  3. Desired humidity levels based on your requirements.
  4. Based on these, you can decide whether you need to increase the humidity or reduce humidity.
  5. You can see our article on the selection of dehumidifiers for more technical details.

Recommended Humidity levels for various applications

Environment / Stored items Recommended Relative Humidity (RH %)
1 Rooms, offices etc. Between 40% to 60% is the comfortable level
2 Processed Sugar Storage in sacks or plastic bags 25-30%
3 Coffee Powder in paper or porous bags 30 – 40%
4 Milk Powder paper or porous bags 20 – 35%
5 Storage of Seeds 35 – 45%
6 Medicines before packing in moisture free packets 20 – 30%
7 Packed medicines 50-60%
8 Finished Electronic items without moisture free packing 50-60%
9 Electronic components without packing 30 – 40%
10 Books and Paper products without packing 40 – 55%
11 Paper rolls, paper sheets etc 35 – 45%
12 Ferrous and composite Materials which are prone to rust below 40-50%,
13 Museums, art galleries 50 – 55%
14 Computer hardware & accessories 50 – 60%
15 Wood products, wooden planks 25 – 35%
16 Explosive materials 35 – 50%
17 Medical gloves 55 – 60%
18 Musical Instruments consisting of wooden or leather components 45 – 55%
19 Leather Products, raw leather, leather sheet etc 40 – 50%
20 Tobacco factory 60-70%
21 Datacenter & server rooms between 55-65%
22 Storage of Onion 30 to 40%
23 Storage of Potatoe 40% to 50%

These are for general information only. Please check with your specific needs, specifications of the stored product, local regulations etc. before purchasing the right dehumidifier.

A Dehumidifier is used to reduce the humidity and a humidifier is used to increase humidity. For commercial-dehumidifiers-UAEcalculation of the capacity of the required machine, we would require your present level of humidity and your desired levels of humidity. Also, we require the size of the storage area so that we can calculate your exact requirements

VackerGlobal is supplying these dehumidifiers in various Emirates of the United Arab Emirates covering Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah and in other Middle East countries including Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & Bahrain. Also, we are undertaking supply and installation in African countries covering Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Ghana, Congo etc..

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