Wall mounted dehumidifier

Wall mounted dehumidifier

Most of the dehumidifiers are not aesthetically designed and looks like industrial machines. There are many wall-mounted-dehumidifier-UAE-KSA-Qatar-Oman-Kuwait-Bahrainapplications where you need stylish interiors such as boutique, spa, museum, automobile display showrooms, villas, apartments etc. Also, most of the dehumidifiers are designed for keeping on the floor thus consuming floor space.

We are supplying wall mounted dehumidifiers which come in brilliant colours and even you can change the front plate colour to suit your environment.

Wall-mounted dehumidifier

We supply wall mounted ergonomically designed dehumidifiers. Few of the models are explained here. We can remove the front plate of most of these models. The customer can select the colour from a wide range of brilliant colours. Alternatively, we can paint the front plate to suit customer wall-dehumidifier-Kenya-Nigeria-Djibouti-Rwanda-Uganda-Tanzania-Ethiopiarequirements.

Dehumidifier model DH 30 VPR

The front plate designs are shown in the image on the right side. Technical details are explained below.

  1. It has an internal hygrometer to adjust the required humidity inside the room.
  2. This is suitable for mounting inside classic car storage areas. Maintaining proper humidity is important for preserving the paint coating.
  3. It has a drainage pipe for draining out the water collected through condensation.
  4. Maximum dehumidification capacity of 45 litres per day.
  5. It has a maximum air volume capacity of 700 cubic meters per hour.wall-dehumidifier-for-pools-and-car-storage
  6. This is a condensation dehumidifier capable of operating within a temperature range of 0 to 40 Deg C.
  7. It operates on an electrical voltage of 230V, Single phase, 50 Hz.

Wall Dehumidifier for swimming pools

We have introduced many models of dehumidifiers for indoor swimming pools. For these models also you can select the colour of the models based on your indoor colours. Also, you can remove the front plates and change the colours by yourself. If you desire to do so, please contact us for the paint specifications. The paint has to be suitable for the air which contains chlorine particles from the swimming pool water.

In order to calculate the required capacity of the dehumidifier, please provide some basic details. Mainly we require the size of the swimming pool, size of the room, the temperature of the pool and temperature of the air in the room and present humidity. Our engineering team can support you in this regard.

Wall dehumidifier for classic, vintage & luxury car storagewall-dehumidifier-for-vintage-and-luxury-car-storage

For storage of vintage cars, you need to control humidity. This is necessary to preserve the fabric, wood, paintings etc. Based on the material used, we have to decide the exact humidity to store these cars. This is also essential to store luxury modern cards as well. As an example, many of the most modern cars are not suitable for external weather during summer months in the Middle East countries. Hence we have to store these cars in temperature-controlled garages. During such storage, it is also essential to maintain the humidity. The same models are useful for all these applications. We have customers who store their luxury cars such as Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce,  Bentley etc. in humidity-controlled storages.

In order to decide the suitable model, we have to first calculate the required capacity. This can be done through our free dehumidifier calculation software.

Vacker is supplying all types of wall dehumidifiers in Dubai, Abudhabi, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia.

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