Air Cleaner for optimal air filtration in construction sites

///Air Cleaner for optimal air filtration in construction sites

If filtration in hygienic areas such as cleanrooms and hospital areas is not regularly required, the air cleaner is suitable for air purification especially in construction and restoration sites. The Vario-shift and pre-filter indicator functions were excluded in this model designed by Trotec in Germany based on high quality standards. 

Its sturdy metal housing can withstand harsh working conditions while reliably getting rid of unwanted particles in the air. The service-friendly air cleaner has a handle for carrying purposes and rubber feet for stackable storage. Moreover, it is practically constructed with essential components such as the filter frame and the air filters. 

The air volume being discharged can be adaptably regulated based on actual needs by means of the Monoventic controller. Aside from this, the air cleaner is built with a multipurpose filter system through which various filter types can be configured to match every work environment. The G4 filter alone can eliminate coarse particles usually produced when filing or sawing. Adding the F7 to F9 filters make the cleaner efficient in removing fine substances while combining it with H13/H14 filter allows the cleaner to handle asbestos abatement or sanitization of mold-infested structures. 

When filter change is needed, the air cleaner gives off both visual and sound alarm. The filters can be accessed with ease as the housing is secured by a quick-release fastener. Hose connectors of similar diameters can be attached to the air cleaner to extend operations to adjacent areas or enable external discharge of the sucked-in air. Maintenance schedule can likewise be monitored through the operating hour counter displayed on the device.

Operating with a maximum air volume flow of 1,000 m3/h, the air cleaner is an economical solution for purification requirements in different field applications.

Applications of Air Cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-1500-S

  1. It effectively purifies the air in construction and renovation sites.
  2. The air cleaner can filter paint mists in restoration jobs where compressed-air units are used.
  3. It is helpful in restoring structures damaged by water or fire.
  4. It is likewise designed for asbestos abatement. 
  5. The air cleaner removes coarse substance in the air during blasting operations.

Features of Air Cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-1500-S

  1. It has a strong metal housing.
  2. The air volume can be flexibly regulated through the Monoventic controller.
  3. It has a robust fan.
  4. The panels are linked together by fasteners that can be swiftly removed during filter change.
  5. There is an operating hours counter. 
  6. It is service-friendly as maintenance doesn’t require expertise. 
  7. Different filter types can  be combined to suit your filtration needs.
  8. The air cleaner is stackable so it doesn’t consume a lot of space.
  9. There is a visual and sound indicator to signal filter change.
  10. Its filters can effectively purify the air from dust and paint particles.

Specifications of Air Cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-1500-S for hospital rooms, manufacturing plants, and water damage restoration in living spaces

  1. The air cleaner is built for filtering dust class H.
  2. Mains connection of the air cleaner for restoration and renovation sites is 230 V/50 – 60 Hz.
  3. The air cleaner uses a combination of G4 and H13 filter for suspended matter up to ≥ 10 ACH in a room size of 50 m3.
  4. Maximum air volume flow is 1,000 m3/h.
  5. The suction and blow-out sides of the hose connector have a diameter of 200 mm.
  6. It can be positioned in piles to maximize space.
  7. The negative static pressure is 900 Pa.
  8. Recommended fusing is 10 A.
  9. The air volume with filter surface H13 is 4.25 m2
  10. Nominal current consumption is 1.4 A.
  11. The dimensions of the air cleaner are L610 mm x W360 mm x H400 mm.
  12. It has a radial fan that runs ceaselessly.
  13. The air volume of the air cleaner for construction areas can be infinitely regulated.
  14. It uses a combination of G4 and F7/F9 filter for fine partculates up to ≤ 3 ACH in a room size of 110 m3.
  15. The connection plug is type CEE 7/7, H05RN-F with a cable length of 3 m.
  16. It can be transported with comfort through the attached carry handle.
  17. The air volume with G4 filter is 700 m3/h. 
  18. It emits a sound level of 65 dB(A) in distance of 1 m.
  19. The proposed amount of air for dust class H is 500 m3/h.
  20. For mobility, the air cleaner for paint jobs using airless methods has non-marking rubber feet.
  21. There is an indicator to signal that the pre-and main filters need to be changed.
  22. The air cleaner consumes power of 0.175 kW.
  23. It has a weight of 15 kg excluding packaging.
  24. The air cleaner uses a G4 filter for coarse dust up to ≤ 3 ACH in a room size of 220 m3.

We supply these Air Cleaners for cleansing air in clinics and laboratories in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and other European countries. Also we supply these Air Cleaners for proper ventilation in workshops and construction sites in Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Singapore etc.