Air Cleaner for purification of air in construction sites

///Air Cleaner for purification of air in construction sites

Running with a maximum air flow volume of 750 m3/h, the Air Cleaner was produced by Trotec in Germany using components of exceptional quality standards. It is encased in compact ABS plastic with handles and rubber base for portability. It can fit in any place, thanks to its light weight and small  dimensions. The air cleaner likewise has an allotted section for the cable to minimize tripping hazards. It can be placed in a stackable manner as well to save space during transport and storage.

The air cleaner’s filter is built with fasteners that can be speedily released when changing.  The G4 filter can be utilized in areas with activities such as filing and sawing which produce coarse dust.  When minerals, organic substances, allergens and viruses are present in the air, a combination of the G4 and H13/H14 filters are required. The two-stage filter system enables efficient purification of air especially in spaces that are heavily loaded with particulates and suspended matter like small construction and renovation sites.

Aside from this, the volume of air flow can be flexibly regulated which ultimately adjusts the performance of its robust fan depending on the application. The air cleaner is ideal for facilitating air circulation in closed spaces. Connector hoses in sizes of 203 mm and 127 mm can be linked by means of an optional hose adapter if external usage to maintain pressure is required.

Through the H14 filter, the air cleaner can eliminate allergens and viruses in the air that may cause health issues. It is likewise beneficial in preventing air pollution in areas that produce dust and dirt. The air cleaner promotes proper ventilation in storage areas and living spaces. Indeed, the air cleaner is ideal  for use in a wide array of applications. 

Applications of Air Cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-750-E

  1. The device is used in small construction sites to filter the air that’s loaded with dust and other particulates. 
  2. It is used to minimize air pollution in areas with ongoing renovations.
  3. The device is ideal in cleansing the air in areas where repainting was done to remove spray paint residues.
  4. It allows ventilation in basements and storage areas.
  5. The air cleaner eliminates allergens and viruses in living spaces.

Features of Air Cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-750-E

  1. It has an allocation for keeping cables to avoid the risk of tripping during transport.
  2. The air cleaner is lightweight that allows hassle-free transport.
  3. Its housing is made from recyclable ABS plastic.
  4. It has a multipurpose air filter system which can be conveniently changed through user-friendly fasteners. 
  5. The air cleaner can be set up without any difficulty.
  6. Depending on the air flow requirements, connection hose in sizes of 127 mm and 203 mm can be attached to the device.
  7. The performance of its robust fan is regulated as per the required air volume.
  8. It can be stored and carried anywhere due to its solid dimensions. 
  9. The H14 filter is now available to extract viruses in the air. 

Specifications of Air Cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-750-E for workshops, garages, and basements

  1. The dimensions of the air cleaner are L315 mm x W430 mm x H430 mm.
  2. It has a radial fan that doesn’t operate through stages. 
  3. The air cleaner for use in small construction areas is capable of filtering dust class H.
  4. Mains connection is 230 V/50 – 60 Hz.
  5. The air cleaner uses a combination of G4 and H13 filter for suspended matter up to ≥ 10 ACH in a room size of 25 m3.
  6. Maximum air volume flow is 750 m3/h.
  7. The suction side of the hose connector is 200 mm.
  8. It can be positioned in a stackable manner. 
  9. The negative static pressure is 720 Pa.
  10. Recommended fusing is 6 A in the air cleaner for workshops and productions sites.
  11. The air cleaner uses a combination of G4 and H13 filter in hygienic areas up to ≥ 15 ACH in a room size of 16 m3.
  12. Nominal current consumption is 1 A.
  13. The air volume of the cleaner can be substantially adjusted.
  14. The connection plug is type CEE 7/7, H05RN-F.
  15. For easy movability, the cleaner has carry handles and rubber feet. 
  16. The air volume with G4 filter is 680 m3/h.
  17. It emits a sound level of 77 dB(A) in distance of 1 m.
  18. The suggested amount of air for dust class H is 290 m3/h.
  19. The air volume with filter surface H13 is 2.15 m2
  20. The air cleaner for renovation and restoration locations takes in power of 0.12 kW.
  21. It has a weight of 6 kg excluding packaging.
  22. The air cleaner uses a G4 filter for coarse dust and fine particluates up to ≤ 3 ACH in a room size of 250 m3.

We supply these Air Cleaners for ventilating restoration sites and production rooms in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and other European countries. Also we supply these Air Cleaners for purifying the air in living areas and offices in Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Singapore etc.