Commercial Air Conditioner for stores and production plants

///Commercial Air Conditioner for stores and production plants

The Commercial Air Conditioner PT 6500 S is a sturdy split-designed air conditioner that can achieve a remarkable maximum cooling capacity of up to 24,226 Btu / h or 7.1 kW. While at room temperature of 25 °C, it can perform at a cooling capacity of up to 22,500 Btu / h or 6.6 kW.  This Commercial Air Conditioner is manufactured by Trotec GmbH, Germany which only produces with the topmost level of standards and quality. The air conditioner is designed to be user-friendly as set up that can be completed in just a few minutes. 

The Commercial Air Conditioner can meet the typical requirements in diverse situations, especially on applications where the location of the device needs to be constantly changed. It has a slender machine design form built with durable casters for transporting it even to particularly cramped spaces. This enables the air conditioner to fit through any entryway or elevator. A heavy-duty thick-walled copper tubing is built in the aluminum heat exchangers, the compressor of which is installed on vibration absorbers to assure a lengthy lifetime. The optimal temperature is achieved because of the hot gas defrost cycles, programmable blower level and target temperature setting all controlled by a microprocessor.

This Commercial Air Conditioner is the ideal answer to cooling requirements in the industry. It can be used at storage rooms, production plants to maintain cooling at optimal levels and other applications like server room and laboratory requirements for endless operation.  It is also a quick and handy solution for urgent requirements like trade fairs and exhibition events, catering trade or gatherings, commercial marquees, and temporary relief shelter.

Applications of Commercial Air Conditioner, model no. VAC- PT-6500-S

  1. The Commercial Air Conditioner, model no. VAC- PT-6500-S is the cost-efficient solution for stores and production plants to maintain cooling at these facilities.
  2. VAC- PT-4500-S can be used for urgent emergency cooling requirements.
  3. It is used in trade fairs and exhibition events that have large areas to maintain cooling.
  4. This reliable Commercial Air Conditioner can be utilized for practical cooling requirements in offices, shops and server rooms.
  5. The cooling benefits this Commercial Air Conditioner provides for laboratories and control centers ensure smooth operation at these critical locations.
  6. It can be used on requirements that are temporary such as commercial marquees, temporary shelters or tents and catering trade functions.

Features of Commercial Air Conditioner, model no. VAC- PT-6500-S

  1. The Commercial Air Conditioner, model no. VAC- PT-6500-S is made to provide the best quality and standards for cooling requirements in logistics and production industries.
  2. The Commercial Air Conditioner, model no. VAC- PT-6500-S is also a cost-effective and practical solution for cooling needs in large areas.
  3. The connections can easily be made, all you need is a 230 V power connection. The connection lines can be extended up to 30 meters to cool distant rooms.
  4. It has a slender design that promotes space minimalization and allows the machine to be transferred anywhere and it can fit on any door or lift.
  5. It has an accessible and user-friendly control panel which displays the indicators showing the operation status, the programming of the blower and the ambient room temperature.
  6. The commercial air conditioner comes with a tarpaulin protective cover for weathering as an accessory to prevent the device from weathering deterioration when used outside.
  7. It has a small space provision behind the body where the device terminals are located. It stores the connection cables when moving.
  8. The air conditioner has systems with two different cooling circuits. The refrigerant circuit is tightly sealed while the other circuit is installed in the middle to cool down the condenser and to dispose of the heat produced during operation. 
  9. There are circuit water and sparingly concentrated glycol in the additional circuit removing the chance of refrigerant loss.
  10. It has adjustable fins located at the outlet grille for adapting to the direction of the cooling airflow to suit any needs. It also has knurled screws in the corners which is a free spot for mounting the commercial air conditioner and it is available optionally.
  11. The interchanging heat exchanger design of this commercial air conditioner allows set up to be customizable to suit your needs.

Specifications of Commercial Air Conditioner, model no. VAC- PT-6500-S for stores and production plants, server or control rooms, and offices or shops

  1. The cooling capacity of the Commercial Air Conditioner, model no. VAC- PT-6500-S up to 22,500 Btu / h or 6.6 kW while at room temperature of 25 °C and it can perform at the cooling capacity of up to 24,226 Btu / h or 7.1 kW at maximum capacity. 
  2. It has an air volume at the max. condition of up to 1,500 m³/h and at min. condition of up to 1,150 m³/h.
  3. It is a split-type commercial air conditioner.
  4. The air conditioner has a recommended electrical fusing of 16 A.
  5. The Commercial Air Conditioner for stores and production plants can attain a room temperature of up to 10 °C depending on operation conditions.
  6. The nominal current consumption is 13 A.
  7. It has a fan with 3 stages. 
  8. The main connection of VAC-PT-4600-S is 230 V/50 Hz.
  9. It has a CEE 7/7 connection plug and a 30 m long connection line.
  10. The electrical installed capacity is 2.99 kW.
  11. The Commercial Air Conditioner for server or control rooms has a cooling agent inside of 900 g.
  12. The type of cooling agent used is R-410A.
  13. It has a compressor with a CO2 equivalent of 1.879 t.
  14. It has a GWP factor of 2,088 in the compressor.
  15. The compressor has a Discharge Side Pressure of 2.45 MPa and a Suction Side Pressure of 0.87 MPa.
  16. The weight of this Commercial Air Conditioner is 114 kg (packaging excluded).
  17. The dimensions of the Commercial Air Conditioner VAC- PT-6500-S is L 360 x W 815 x H 1,200 mm (packaging excluded).
  18. It has an external heat exchanger and a closed water circuit for heat removal. 
  19. The length of the connection line for heat dissipation is 10 m.
  20. It has a sound value of 47 dB(A) at 3 m distance for stage 1, a 52 dB(A) at 3 m distance for stage 2, a 59 dB(A) at 3 m distance for stage 3 and 62 dB(A) at 3m distance at the max stage.
  21. It has an automatic condensate draining.
  22. VAC- PT-6500-S has a room thermostat for control.
  23. The Commercial Air Conditioner for offices and shops has a built-in room air filter that is easily accessible and cleanable.  
  24. It has an adjustable air discharge direction for customization needs.
  25. The standard bar handles, plastic wheels and crane lugs provision will make handling and moving this with cranes easy as well. 
  26. It has recessed handles for ease of mobility.
  27. It has automatic ventilation function and error diagnosis if faced with issues during operation. 
  28. It has an optional spot cooling option available for requirements that need cooling of specific system parts which usually generate insurmountable heat. This design allows the commercial air conditioner to focus and accurately direct the cooling generated by the device by connecting an air transport hose.

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