Professional Air Cleaner for sterile rooms in hospitals

///Professional Air Cleaner for sterile rooms in hospitals

The Professional Air Cleaner VAC-TAC-3000 is a well designed inter-changeable air cleaner that can achieve an astounding maximum air volume flow capacity of up to 2,150 m3 / h with numerous applications.  This remarkable Professional Air Cleaner is made by Trotec GmbH, Germany leading providers of products with the highest levels of quality and standard in its craft. This air cleaner is convenient for its filters that can be adjusted and interchanged according to the needs of the user. 

The Professional Air Cleaner is configured to meet requirements for a variety of applications such as building sites, sterie rooms in hospitals and blasting operation sites. This is made possible with the Air Cleaner’s VARIOShift function. Differents types of filters can be combined to fit the requirements of air purification at the site it currently being used at. This makes this Air Cleaner an economical investment for its adaptability. Different types of filters are available for users to modify the air cleaner. Air filters such G4 coarse particle filters, F7 fine particle filters, Paint filters, H13 HEPA filters and H14 High Efficiency Particle filters can be utilized in this Air Cleaner. These filters are tested conforming to EN 1822 and DIN EN 60335-2-69 standards. The H14 Particle Filter  in particular ensures purification of surroundings from bacteria and viruses. 

It is designed with durable rubber tyred wheels, fixed castors with swivel type casters and parking brakes for easy transfer and the built in transport handles lets the user move the air cleaner anywhere. The air cleaner is also stackable which promotes space minimalization and aesthetics. The air cleaner can be controlled using the monoventic controller and it comes with two different filter change indication lights and alarms to notify user. This Professional Air Cleaner is the perfect value for money answer to many practical requireents in the industry in regards to purification at many work sites.

Applications of Air Cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-3000

The Air Cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-3000 is useful for the following applications:

  1. The Professional Air Cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-3000 is the cost-efficient solution for building sites that need air to be constantly filtered from the dust.
  2. The VAC-TAC-3000 can be used for blasting sites sites that require particles in the air to be controlled to avoid safety hazards.
  3. It can be used in storage rooms and production facilities which have large areas that need air purification.
  4. This reliable Professional Air Cleaner is recommended for hospital sterile rooms and clean rooms to keep them disinfected from germs and viruses.
  5. It can also be used from renovation sites that have suffered from water flooding or fire residual damages.
  6. It is highly recommended for asbestos processing facilities that reduce asbestos to finer dust for other applications in the industry.

Features of Air Cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-3000

  1. Through the H14 filter, microbes and viruses can be eliminated from the air.
  2. It has both visual and sound alarm to signal that pre- and main filter change is required.
  3. The filters can be configured to address filtration requirements by means of the Vario-shift function. 
  4. A carry handle is fitted on top of the air cleaner.
  5. Air volume can be controlled through the Monoventic regulator.
  6. There is an operating hour counter to monitor the running time and maintenance schedule of the air cleaner. 
  7. Swivel casters with brakes and fixed rubber wheels enable easy transport.
  8. Various filter types can be combined for effective air purification.
  9. It has a control lamp that illuminates if the air cleaning is functioning well.
  10. Hose connectors can be attached to the air cleaner to access even unpolluted areas.

Specifications of Air Cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-3000 for clinics, pharmacies, and fire damage restoration–

  1. The filters can be flexibly adjusted by means of the Vario-shift function.
  2. The air cleaner uses a combination of G4 and H13 filter for suspended matter up to ≥ 10 ACH in a room size of 100 m3.
  3. It has a radial fan that runs steplessly.
  4. The air volume with filter surface H13 is 7.5 m2
  5. It can be stored in a stackable manner.
  6. The air cleaner consumes power of 0.45 kW.
  7. Maximum air volume flow is 2,150 m3/h.
  8. The dimensions of the air cleaner are L833 mm x W460 mm x H532 mm.
  9. It uses a combination of G4 and H13 filter for suspended matter up to ≥ 10 ACH in a room size of 100 m3.
  10. The connection plug is type CEE 7/7, H05RN-F.
  11. It emits a sound level of 65 dB(A) in distance of 1 m.
  12. The air volume areas can be substantially delimited.
  13. Mains connection is 230 V/50 – 60 Hz.
  14. It uses a combination of G4 and F7/F9 filter for fine partculates up to ≤ 3 ACH in a room size of 270 m3.
  15. Recommended fusing is 10 A.
  16. It can be carried by means of the transport handle.
  17. The air cleaner is designed for dust class H.
  18. The recommended amount of air for dust class H is 1,000 m3/h.
  19. It has both swivel casters with brakes and fixed wheels for mobility. 
  20. It uses a combination of G4 and H13 filter for hygienic areas up to ≥ 15 ACH in a room size of 70 m3.
  21. The suction and blow-out sides of the hose connector have a diameter of 250 mm.
  22. There is an indicator to signal that the pre-and main filters need to be changed.
  23. The negative static pressure is 1,100 Pa.
  24. It has a weight of 36 kg excluding packaging.
  25. Nominal current consumption is 2.8 A.
  26. The air cleaner uses a G4 filter for coarse dust up to ≤ 3 ACH in a room size of 500 m3.

We supply these Professional Air Cleaner for sterile rooms and building sites in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and other European countries. Also we supply these of Professional Air Cleaner for blasting operation sites in Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Singapore etc.