Radial Fan for drying water-damaged ceilings and walls

///Radial Fan for drying water-damaged ceilings and walls

The radial fan is produced by Trotec, Germany in a slim design that allows it to occupy little space. It can be set up in cramped areas without any struggle. Since it is lightweight, the fan can be easily moved with the aid of handles fitted on the sides. It also has an allocated holder for the cable to avoid the risk of tripping over during transport.  Moreover, the radial fans can be stored or relocated in a stackable way. 

A shorter drying period is achieved by means of the fan’s strong blades which enable it to discharge air with a maximum pressure of 290 Pa. Also, the radial fan can be operated in four different positions to match the user’s drying needs. The stand bar can be folded out to use the fan in a slanted mode. This is usually helpful in drying stairwells or walls. For drying the ground or any surface, the stand bar can be folded back in to permit discharge of air in a broad method. The radial fan can also be positioned in an upright manner if the user is aiming for the ceiling. Lastly, it can be arranged edgewise to reach narrow spaces. 

With a protection rating of IP44, the radial fan has a water-resistant operating switch and a time counter to keep track of the operating hours. A service socket is also embedded on the control panel that allows daisy-chain connection of numerous devices.  

Its flexible design makes it ideal for drying ceilings and walls that have been damaged by water leakage. The radial fan is applicable in workshops or storage spaces that require ventilation. Wet floors caused by flooding can also be reliably dried by the radial fan. The device minimizes the growth of molds and eventual risk of structural damage. 

Applications of Radial Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-29-F-S

  1. It prevents the formation of molds in water-damaged walls.
  2. The radial fan is capable of drying room ceilings that have been affected by water leakage.
  3. It can be utilized to dry indoor stairwells or halls that have been exposed to liquid accumulation. 
  4. The fan allows drying of floor spaces or newly-placed patches in a short time period. 
  5. It is beneficial when aiming for narrow spaces or wall extensions. 

Features of Radial Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-29-F-S

  1. There is an integrated service socket that enables connection for several devices.
  2. The radial fan can operate in 4 different positions depending on the drying requirement.
  3. The fan is not heavy so it can easily be carried or moved. 
  4. The operating switch is water-resistant.
  5. There is an available cable holder.
  6. It does not take too much space as it is designed in a slender manner.
  7. It can also be stored and transported in stacks.
  8. It has powerful blades that produces air flow at maximum pressure. 
  9. It has a time counter to show the number of hours the fan has been operating.

Specifications of Radial Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-29-F-S for ceilings, walls, and stairwells

  1. The dimensions of the fan is L520 mm x W450 mm x H255 mm.
  2. It consumes power of 0.17 kW.
  3. The radial fan for water-damaged ceilings and walls blows the air in an outward direction.
  4. Maximum air pressure is 290 Pa.
  5. Maximum temperature of transport medium is 60°C.
  6. The fan has a CEE 7/7 connection plug with a cable length of 5 m.
  7. The radial fan runs through one stage.
  8. It emits a sound level of 64 dB(A) within a distance of 3 m.
  9. The radial fan for stairwells can also be stored or transported in stacks.
  10. It has a protection rating of IP44.
  11. Air is being discharged at a speed of 7 m/s.
  12. The radial fan has transport handles that allow easy movement.
  13. Mains connection is 230 V/50 Hz.
  14. It has a weight of 11 kg excluding packaging.
  15. The radial fan has an average current consumption of 0.74 A.
  16. The maximum amount of air being discharged is 1,150 m3/h.
  17. The radial fan for cemented floors and patches has an integrated operating hours counter.

We supply these Radial Fans for restoring water-damaged ceiling and walls in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and other European countries. Also we supply these Radial  Fans for  drying stairwells in Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Singapore etc.