Commercial dehumidifier designed for the rougher environment

///Commercial dehumidifier designed for the rougher environment

Commercial dehumidifiers are robust for industrial applications. Both mobile and stationary models are available for dehumidification of air in varying capacity. The commercial dehumidifiers are used for the rougher environment due to its robust housing and high performing compressor with low maintenance construction. The commercial dehumidifier TTK 655 S is fully designed and manufactured by Trotec in Germany. With its tested German industrial design, it can ensure to give a valuable performance. 

The commercial dehumidifier TTK 655 S is a portable type dehumidifier that can be moved around easily, thanks to its sturdy and non-marking wheels. The commercial dehumidifier has a maximum dehumidification capacity of 150 liters per day. This device is operated on an environment in which temperature is 5°C up to 32°C and a humidity range of 32%RH up to 100%RH. The commercial dehumidifier TTK 655 S is built for a rather harsher environment because of its great combination of high-performance heat exchange and fan system that can circulate and dehumidify 1,000 m3/h airflow speeds. 

This device has another special added feature that can be beneficial to the user – built-in operating time counter. Another great additional feature is the power consumption detector. With these dual features, it can greatly help the user in power consumption or energy management. The commercial dehumidifier TTK 655 S is commonly used in workshops, building site warehouses and factories – especially pharmaceutical warehouses and factories. Pharmaceutical warehouse and factory maintain a certain humidity level to prevent spoilage of medicines and ensure that it will give the best results to its end-user. 

Applications of Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-655 S: 

The Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-655 S is useful for the following applications: 

  1. Dehumidification in a rougher environment to maintain the desired humidity level. 
  2. It is intended to be used in building sites and various industrial applications. 
  3. It can be used in different industries like Pharmaceutical for storing of medicines or drugs to maintain dryness and sensitive products. 
  4. It is used to maintain a certain humidity level even at low temperatures. 
  5. It is mostly used to maintain humidity during medicine/drug production. 
  6. It is used for basement storages to regulate the humidity level and air circulation. 
  7. It is also used for sensitive areas like restoration or remediation sites. 
  8. It is used in the Food Industry to maintain or avoid wet floors, frozen and clogged machinery. 
  9. It is used to prevent the dampness and failure possibilities stored items like engines and spare parts for the Aviation sector. 
  10. It is used for humidity sensitive paper and printing industry that can lead to an increase in the consistency of paper and ink color. 
  11. It can be used for indoor spa, swimming pools and, Jacuzzi to maintain good air circulation and air condition and prevent molds and slippery floors which might cause accidents.  

Features of Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-655 S: 

  1. Its trolley design with wheel helps a lot in easing transport if you want to move it around. 
  2. It has a high dehumidification performance even at temperatures below 10 °C. 
  3. It has an energy-efficient but powerful rotary compressor that is suitable for industrial use.
  4. The recommended room for the construction drying size is 750 m³ or 300 m². 
  5. The recommended room size for dry keeping is 1,470 m³ or 590 m². 
  6. A drainage connection is provided that can be connected to a hosepipe for continuous drainage. 
  7. Its robust metal casing help to protect the inside electrical components and make it free from dust and moisture. 
  8. Another better handling property is its multi stacking ability due to the even dimensions of each side. 
  9. It has a tracker on operating hours and kilowatt consumed.
  10. It is maintenance-friendly and easy to use features.  

Specifications of Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-655 S for workshops, building sites, warehouses, and factories. 

  1. The maximum dehumidification performance is up to 150 liters per day. 
  2. The operating principle of commercial dehumidifier TTK-655 S is a refrigerant mechanism. 
  3. It has a power steel coated housing design. 
  4. The dehumidifier power supply is 50Hz with 230Voltage.  
  5. The nominal current consumption is 11.4A. 
  6. The Commercial Dehumidifier for building site power supply consumes 2.5kW. 
  7. The Commercial Dehumidifier warehouses and factories operating temperature range is 5°C to 32°C. 
  8. The operating humidity range is 32%Rh to 100%Rh. 
  9. The Commercial Dehumidifier for workshops volume of air in free blowing is a maximum of 1,000m3/hour. 
  10. The CO2 equivalent of the compressor is 2.19 t. 
  11. The Commercial Dehumidifier for workshops has a sound level of 56 dBA. 
  12. It has a non-stop dehumidification function. 
  13. It has an analog hygrostat available or an optional hygrostat-controlled. 
  14. The dehumidifier has provision for the users to control the air volume. 
  15. It has an automated defrost system running hot gas. 
  16. The dehumidifier has a water drainage hose connection that allows the user for continuous drainage. 
  17. The air filter is easy to clean for the users. 
  18. It is with a pump performance of up to 50 m distance and a maximum pump height of 4 m. 

We supply these commercial dehumidifiers for storage spaces and laboratories in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and other European countries. Also, we supply these commercial dehumidifiers for storage spaces and laboratories in the Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, etc.