Evaporation Humidifier for optimum humidity level in clinics

///Evaporation Humidifier for optimum humidity level in clinics

It is important to achieve the optimum humidity level in closed spaces. When humidity value is too low, the air becomes dry. This kind of room climate is not ideal for people who suffer allergies and respiratory illnesses like asthma. Too much humidity, on the other hand, causes condensation and mould growth in structures and furnitures. Needless to say, humidity has a huge impact to a person’s well-being and surroundings.  

The Evaporation Humidifier is manufactured by Trotec, Germany to automatically regulate the humidity level by means of an integrated humidity sensor. Its smart control technology identifies the current humidity load and switches the device on or off accordingly. This value along with the water level and selected fan stage are displayed in a control panel.

Unlike most humidifiers, the device operates through the evaporation principle where cold water helps hinder the growth of bacteria and avoids the formation of limescale. It also has a multi-stage filter system that contributes to the purification of air. Both the water tank and air sucked in by the device are sterilized by an internal UV lamp. The device has a keyboard lock as well that prevents unwelcomed adjustments of settings. In addition, it doesn’t emit high sound level during operations. 

Aside from these beneficial features, the evaporation humidifier has a classy and state-of-the-art design that makes it fitting as an ornate piece. Its housing is also corrosion-free and requires low maintenance. The humidifier is constructed in a way that disassembling and cleaning don’t require tools and techinal expertise. 

The device has a maximum evaporation performance of 33.6 l/24h in a recommended room size up to 600 m3 or 240 m2.

Applications of Evaporation Humidifier, model no. VAC-B-300

  1. Maintaining the required humidity prevents limescale formation on furniture and fixtures in rooms.  
  2. Books, indoor plants, and equipment at homes are protected from drying out.     
  3. Its modern and elegant design makes it ideal for use in offices. 
  4. It is suitable for use in public buildings since unauthorized changing of settings can be prevented by means of the keyboard lock. 
  5. It regulates the level of humidity required in clinics. 

Features of Evaporation Humidifier, model no. VAC-B-300

  1. It has a keyboard lock to avoid unapproved changing of settings. 
  2. The humidifier has an integrated UV lamp that effectively sterilizes the water tank.
  3. It is housed in a corrosion-free material. 
  4. Tools are not needed to disassemble the device for maintenance purposes.
  5. It has a control panel that displays actual and nominal RH values %, water level, and fan stage.
  6. It guarantees high humidification performance by means of evaporation.
  7. The humidifier passes as a decorative object due to its sophisticated design.
  8. It runs with a huge reservoir and multi-stage fan.
  9. The evaporation humidifier operates quietly.
  10. The device is automatically controlled by an integrated humidity sensor.
  11. It requires low maintenance as it is easy to care for.
  12. Its multi-stage filter system effectively purifies the air.
  13.  Behind its classy design, the humidifier is powered by modern humidification technology.

Specifications of Evaporation Humidifier, model no. VAC-B-300 for clinics, offices, and public buildings

  1. The maximum air volume flow of the Evaporation Humidifier for public buildings is 600 m3/h.
  2. The device is being controlled electronically.
  3. The main connection requirement is 230 V/50 Hz.
  4. It has an integrated air filter.
  5. It has a power input of 0.058 kW.
  6. It is housed in silver grey-plastic material.
  7. It emits a sound level of 32 to 42 dB(A) within a distance of 3 m.
  8. Maximum evaporation performance is 33.6 l/24h.
  9. It is equipped with a keyboard lock to avoid setting adjustments by unauthorized personnel.
  10. The dimensions of the humidifier are L410 mm x W740 mm x H710.
  11.  There are two fan stages in the Evaporation Humidifier for clinics.
  12. There is a digital display that indicates humidity values, water level, and fan stage.
  13. It has wheels for convenient mobility. 
  14. The device is suitable for room sizes up to 600 m3 or 240 m2.
  15. The water reservoir has a capacity of 25 L.
  16. The humidifier has a UV lamp that is essential for sterilization.
  17. Its weight is 21 kg excluding packaging.
  18. The Evaporation Humidifier for rooms or offices has an internal humidity sensor.

We supply these Evaporation Dehumidifiers in all Middle East countries including the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, etc.