PLC Dehumidifiers

PLC Dehumidifier

There are various kinds of dehumidifiers supplied by various companies in the market. Due to this very reason it becomes very hard to decide what types of dehumidifiers to buy as a customer. But worry not we at Vacker Global provide our customers with all kinds of facts and information that you need to know as a buyer so that you can choose yourself what type of dehumidifiers you want.

Our services and products are available in various countries of the world such as United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Chad, Djibouti, Tanzania, Morocco and many more.

PLC dehumidifier by Vacker Global

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Dehumidifier related Queries

Domestic dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier is a device that helps in decreasing the humidity level of air of a place. The device is specially used in places with high humidity to bring the humidity level to a suitable place.

Why do we need dehumidifier?

High humidity can be dangerous for health as well as they create uncomfortable living environment for us. There are various negative effects of high humidity. Installing a dehumidifier helps to get rid of these problems. Dehumidifiers help to decrease allergic reaction in many people as lower humidity decreases the chances of allergens development.

Condensation Dehumidifier GCC, AfricaThe device also helps to stop development of molds and mildews in a place. This helps in stopping foul smell from moss and mildews. With the installation of a dehumidifier mushy smell in a place can be easily avoided.

Dehumidifiers also help to protect various items such as clothes, paper files etc. from fungus and moss. They also help to get rid of various skin problems that are generally caused due to high humidity. Dust reduction in the air is another advantage of dehumidifier installation.

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Dehumidifier Supplier in UAE

why-dehumidifiers-are-necessaryVackerUAE has been supplying all kinds of dehumidifiers in the UAE region for many years. Our dehumidifiers are one known for their robust structure and high performance. All the models of our dehumidifiers are highly energy efficient and are environment-friendly. Our dehumidifiers are available in all the major cities of UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and much more.

Why are dehumidifiers necessary?

UAE is naturally a hot and humid place. The humidity level of the UAE is always on the higher side throughout the year. High level of humidity in living space arises various problems related to health as well as comfort level. High humidity results uncomfortable living condition, sweaty skin and bad odor. They also cause various problems related to health. High humidity in a place helps in moss formation on the walls and degrades the painting of the living space. Dust mites and other harmful insects also prosper in humid condition. Germs are likely to survive more in high humidity condition.

Hence, it is very important to install a dehumidifier in areas with high humidity such as UAE. VackerUAE supplies various kinds of dehumidifiers that can address the humidity problem of all types of customers. Some of the dehumidifiers are as follows:

  1. Commercial dehumidifierscommercial-dehumidifier-vackerglobal-dubai

    We supply powerful dehumidifiers for commercial buildings that are sure to solve all kinds of humidity problems in commercial buildings. These dehumidifiers are suitable for auditoriums, theater, galleries, museum and many other commercial buildings. Commercial buildings are powerful and can operate dehumidification process even in very large areas.

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  2. Dehumidifier for cold rooms

    cold-room-dehumidifiers-vackerThe humidity level in cold rooms may require being maintained at a certain level according to the product stored in the cold room. High humidity in cold rooms can degrade the quality of products such as vegetables, fruits, medicines, meat etc. While other common types of dehumidifiers can be used in the cold rooms it can be problematic due to the quick freezing of liquid in the dehumidifier. It requires manual deicing which can be laborious as well as time-consuming. Hence we bring you dehumidifiers specially designed for cold rooms that come with automatic de-icing functions. The dehumidifiers are capable of performing their operation without any problem in very low temperature and have become the number one choice of customers to install in cold rooms.

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  3. Warehouse dehumidifier

    warehouse-dehumidifier-vakerglobalThe warehouse is a very important part of any industries or businesses as various products are stored here before reaching to the customers. A warehouse may be of different size and the ideal humidity may differ according to the products to be stored. We provide warehouse dehumidifiers that are suitable for the storage of all kinds of products in the warehouse. The dehumidifiers help to protect the items that could easily get damaged due to humidity. They also help to prevent pests and insects from invading the warehouse as most insects and pest prosper in humid condition.

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  4. Swimming pool dehumidifiersswimming-pool-dehumidifier-vackerglobal

    Generally, the air around the swimming pool is humid due to the high rate of evaporation from a water body. Hence due to this, a dehumidifier must be installed to protect the surrounding from the bad effects of high humidity. Our swimming pool dehumidifiers help to prevent moss formation and damage to the wall paints. They also help to prevent excessive humidity and create a comfortable environment around the swimming pool.

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  5. Industrial Dehumidifierindustrial-dehumidifier-vacker

    We have also launched heavy duty dehumidifiers for industrial purposes. Many machines in the industries can be affected by the humidity and decrease their operational capacity. Industrial dehumidifiers by Vacker are designed to work in adverse condition of the industrial environment and operate with energy efficiency.

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Humidifiers for Meat Cold Rooms

Keeping Your Meat Fresh


Are you wondering why your meat and poultry have a brown tint and look dry? It’s because refrigeration causes the meat to lose color, appearance and most importantly, weight. By the time meat reaches the end retailer, it loses up to 3% of its weight due to moisture loss, which can have major implications on the profitability of the business. Our humidification systems maintain quality, enhance appearance, reduce dehydration and extend shelf life of your product. They are ideal for meat display cases, meat prep rooms and storage. A VackerGlobal customer has reported that our systems have extended the shelf life of their products by 1.5-2 days!

Meat itself is not a living organism but it is subject to endogenic enzymatic activity, or proteolysis, which causes muscle tissue to mature, become tender and develop a typical taste. This process is retarded by cold. Due to its chemical composition which is rich in proteins, lipids and water, meat is a particularly favorable substrate for the growth of microorganisms. The lipidic content also makes it very sensitive to oxidation. Again, micro-organism growth is a temperature-dependent process. To avoid it, it is absolutely essential to reduce the temperature of the meat, especially on the surface, immediately after dressing. Cooling must, therefore, be carried out in the slaughterhouse itself. This operation is known as primary chilling. Meat loses weight through surface evaporation. This process depends on differences in temperature and relative humidity between the meat and the environment. Maintaining an adequate rate of humidity in meat cold rooms is vital for the meat preservation to increase profit margins and reduce volume of waste. Cooled meat is described as “fresh” because when correctly chilled, it retains the features of fresh meat. Due to its high content of unfrozen water, cooled meat must be stored in the proper environment. Lack of humidity causes a loss in both weight and quality, with the end result being a loss of profit.


Shorter storage-life, weight reduction and markdowns for visually less appealing products are the expensive consequences for inadequate air humidification. Initial weight loss for beef or lamb after slaughter is approx. 1% over the first few hours. During 18 hours of chilling, weight loss can reach as high as 2.7%. Lack of humidification also causes browning, discoloration and a dry surface area. Depending on the type of meat, water content ranges from 49 – 75%, so it’s very important to maintain a high level of relative humidity in cold rooms, up to 95% in some cases.

VackerGlobal humidification systems decelerate dehydration by adjusting humidity air rate thereby preserving meat and effectively counteracting the weight loss. This increases profit margins and reduces the volume of waste. The correct humidity has a major effect on the storage of meats.

Benefits of air humidification in meat cold storage rooms


  1. Less cooling losses in meat storage
  2. Reduces the loss of profits because of weight reduction
  3. Better heat transfer of the animal carcass and shorter cooling cycles
  4. Lower energy costs due to faster cooling process
  5. Longer storage life and freshness of the meat
  6. Visually fresh meat for the customers
  7. Less write-off because of unsellable meat

Commercial markets and the many modern distribution depots run by supermarket chains benefit from effective humidification, as do chilled display cabinets and open counters, helping to ensure that produce quality is maintained right through the supply chain. Cold rooms are refrigerated which causes dehydration. VackerGlobal has engineered the best humidity systems in the market to maintain your product quality.

Most important, even beyond the excellent results, is the wonderful and responsible service and support system with our products.

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Are you searching for a Dehumidifier?

are-you-searching-dehumidifierA dehumidifier is a device that can remove excess moisture from the air that can potentially cause various adverse effects for us. Dehumidifiers have become one of the most important household appliances especially in countries with hot and humid conditions or for hot and humid weather. Humidifiers are used to protect us from various kinds of effects of humidity. They reduce humidity and help to create a suitable environment for us.

Types of Dehumidifiers

Basically, there are two types of dehumidifiers on the basis of their working principle. They are refrigerant dehumidifier and desiccant dehumidifier.

  1. Refrigerant DehumidifierRefrigerant-dehumidifier-vacker

    These dehumidifiers are also known as condense drying dehumidifier as these dehumidifiers use the principle of condensation during its operation to obtain dry air. The dehumidifier consists of two main parts i.e. a fan and a refrigerant or refrigerated evaporator. Now what the fan of the dehumidifier does is it sucks the humid air from the environment and channels it towards a cold evaporator or refrigerated evaporator in a coil. The evaporator then cools down the humid air below the dew point of water due to which moisture from the air is converted into a liquid. The liquid water from the cooling coil is then collected in a pan. The water from the pan can be removed manually. Some dehumidifiers come with an attached hose for removing the water automatically.

    The dry air from the dehumidifier is then released into the environment to gain dry environment. The process of sucking in air and condensing the moisture keeps on going until the desired level of dryness is not maintained.

  2. Desiccant dehumidifierDesiccant-dehumidifiers-vacker

    These Desiccant dehumidifiers work on totally different principle than the refrigerant dehumidifier. These dehumidifiers consist of a rotor that contains absorbent material of moisture which is simply called absorbent. The humid air from the environment is made to pass through the rotor of the dehumidifier. The absorbent in the dehumidifier absorbs the moisture from the air and then the dry air is blown back into the environment. The general preference for the absorbent in a desiccant dehumidifier is a silica gel. The silica gel is naturally very good absorbent of moisture and the life expectancy of the gel is also much higher than other material. The moisture absorbed by the absorbent is removed with the help of the process known as reactivation process. The reactivation process helps the absorbent gain its capacity to absorb moisture from the air. Hence the desiccant dehumidifier can dehumidify air for a long time.

Difference between a desiccant dehumidifier and refrigerant dehumidifierDomestic-dehumidifier

Generally, in comparison, the capacity of dehumidification of refrigerant dehumidifiers are higher than desiccant dehumidifier within a certain period of time. Hence refrigerant dehumidifiers are more useful in places where it requires quick drying of air.

The temperature range for both dehumidifiers are different as desiccant dehumidifiers can operate properly in much lower temperature than a refrigerant dehumidifier. Refrigerant dehumidifiers are more useful for environments having a higher temperature. The reason that degrades the capacity of refrigerant dehumidifier is that the dew point of the moisture becomes very low at low temperature. Due to this reaching the dew point is harder hence the dehumidifying capacity of the refrigerant dehumidifier lowers with the lowering of temperature.

The refrigerant dehumidifier is much more energy efficient than the desiccant dehumidifier. The energy consumption of refrigerant dehumidifier is very low due to the fact that no heating process is required, unlike the desiccant dehumidifier.

The use of the compressor in the refrigerant dehumidifier makes the dehumidifier noisier than the desiccant dehumidifier. The weight of the refrigerant dehumidifiers is generally greater than the weight of the desiccant dehumidifiers. Hence it is harder to move the refrigerant dehumidifiers from one place to another with a comparison to desiccant dehumidifiers.

What type of dehumidifier do you need?

Well, the type of dehumidifier you require is really up to you and your requirement. If the temperature of the environment is relatively low then it is better to install a desiccant dehumidifier. For higher temperature refrigerant dehumidifier is the best option. If you want the electric bill to decrease also then a refrigerant dehumidifier is the better option. But since refrigerant dehumidifier produces a lot of noise for a peaceful environment installation of desiccant dehumidifier is good. The refrigerant dehumidifiers are also good if you are always looking for quick drying of air of a place.

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