Dehumidifiers for Data Centers

Data centers & server rooms have problems


They come in many shapes and sizes. But we are not talking about hackers. Electronic and digital preparations provide the defense for those problems. We are talking about nature. Even though servers are secured inside buildings, nature has a way of infiltrating the security and attack the servers.

No matter how well a building is built, nature has a way of getting humidity inside and endangering the servers. Humidity is a problem for data centers and their server rooms. Proper steps need to be taken to prevent damage to the company due to humidity.

Damages caused by humidity in data center


While temperature is a concern, it is humidity that can cause the most damage. What makes humidity such a dangerous problem is its two-pronged attack. If the humidity level is too high, then humidity will develop condensation.

In turn, this moisture will cause corrosion in all the metal parts of the server. This includes wiring. Corrosion leads to electrical shorts. With electrical shorts, servers will break down, lose data and the company loses uptime.

But high humidity is not the only avenue causing problems. If the humidity is too low, then the lack of moisture in the air will allow the servers to develop electrostatic charges. When this electricity is discharged, sensitive electronic equipment is damaged or ruined.

Both prongs of humidity’s attacks will cause a lot of problems for a data center. First, there is downtime. With servers damaged or ruined, they cannot do the job they were designed to do. Second, the repairs or replacement of these damaged servers can be costly. Not only in terms of downtime but also in financial terms.

This is why data centers take great care in monitoring the humidity levels(Read about our Monitoring Systems). Humidity can cause a lot of damage to a data center and its servers.

How to reduce humidity in data centers?


There are several ways in which a data center can combat the humidity problem in its server room. Because temperature is also a problem, most data centers will use air conditioning to help control the humidity level.

Air conditioners are effective, but they also do have some limitations. Air conditioners cannot monitor every area of the room. Their monitoring sensors do not reach around corners or obstacles.

These limitations are why data centers also use environmental sensors, dehumidifiers and also venting techniques that provide inexpensive cooling. Unfortunately, while this system is frequently used, its air is a lot drier and leads to electrostatic problems.

There are three ideal levels for server rooms to function correctly:

  1. Temperature Control: The first level is temperature control. The ideal temperature level runs between 60 and 80 degrees F.
  2. Humidity: The second level humidity. The ideal humidity levels between 40 to 60 percent relative humidity.
  3. Dew Point: The final level is the dew point. The optimum level for this important measurement is between 42 and 59 degrees F.

Types of Dehumidifiers:


Dehumidifiers are the best way to monitor and maintain the proper humidity levels. There are two kinds of dehumidifiers that are used to help keep server room humidity levels at their proper levels:

  1. Desiccant dehumidifier: These dehumidifiers do not operate in the same manner as a refrigerant style dehumidifier. They do not use coolant to remove the moisture from the air. (Read more about Desiccant dehumidifier)
  2. Condensation dehumidifier: These units work to lower the condensation that gathers in a high humidity environment. Of course, for either dehumidifier to work properly, the data center’s maintenance technicians need to do proper calculations. (Read more about Condensation dehumidifier)

They need to know the capacity of the dehumidifiers, room size, the location of hot spots and other important details. It is not a matter of simply purchasing a dehumidifier and placing it in the room.

Why condensation dehumidifier is the preferred choice for data centers?


The reason condensation dehumidifiers are the preferred choice over desiccant dehumidifiers has to do with the latter’s limitations. It also has to do with the simple operation of the condensation dehumidifier.

The fan of the condensation dehumidifier simply pulls in the hot, humid air through a cool evaporative cooling element. This element then cools the air down below the lowest optimum dew point level.

The now cool air turns to water and condenses on to the cooling element. As the air turns into water, the water drips into a pan which then drains the water to a harmless place.

But this is not all that a condensation dehumidifier does. After the removal of humidity, the process is completed, and the condensation dehumidifier reheats the air so that it can trap more humidity. And the process starts all over again.

Not only is the condensation dehumidify simple to operate, it is also a lot cheaper financially. They work a lot better at higher temperatures and higher humidity levels. This is one of the main reasons why data centers opt for condensation dehumidifiers over other alternatives.

Other reasons why data centers choose condensation dehumidifiers over other models is that their capacity levels are higher. Their ability to drain large amounts of moisture makes them a very attractive option. They also do not emit any foul odors while doing their job.

Some alternative dehumidifiers use dry air to remove moisture from the air. This process develops a bad smell. Unfortunately, there is no way to separate this odor from the discharged air.

The cleaning smelling air makes for a good working environment.

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Dehumidifiers for Hotels

dehumidifier-for-hotels-vackerglobalA dehumidifier is essentially a household appliance that helps in optimizing the level of humidity in the air for either comfort reasons or for health concerns. Sometimes it is also used for eliminating pungent and musty odour from the air too. Dehumidifiers can be of small scale size or large scale size. Large ones are used in hotels and commercial buildings like indoor ice rinks for controlling their humidity level.

Dehumidifiers, even though, are utilized for optimising the level of humidity in air, it usually helps in reducing the level of humidity instead of increasing the same. The way they operate involves extraction of water from the pre-conditioned air. The water collected by this procedure is called “condensate”. As the saturated vapour pressure of water lowers down with decreasing temperature, the water gets separated from the air and thus humidity of the air gets reduced.

Why humidity is important in hotel rooms?

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PLC Dehumidifiers

PLC Dehumidifier

There are various kinds of dehumidifiers supplied by various companies in the market. Due to this very reason it becomes very hard to decide what types of dehumidifiers to buy as a customer. But worry not we at Vacker Global provide our customers with all kinds of facts and information that you need to know as a buyer so that you can choose yourself what type of dehumidifiers you want.

Our services and products are available in various countries of the world such as United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Chad, Djibouti, Tanzania, Morocco and many more.

PLC dehumidifier by Vacker Global

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Dehumidifier related Queries

Domestic dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier is a device that helps in decreasing the humidity level of air of a place. The device is specially used in places with high humidity to bring the humidity level to a suitable place.

Why do we need dehumidifier?

Are you in need of Dehumidifier?High humidity can be dangerous for health as well as they create uncomfortable living environment for us. There are various negative effects of high humidity. Installing a dehumidifier helps to get rid of these problems. Dehumidifiers help to decrease allergic reaction in many people as lower humidity decreases the chances of allergens development.

The device also helps to stop development of molds and mildews in a place. This helps in stopping foul smell from moss and mildews. With the installation of a dehumidifier mushy smell in a place can be easily avoided.

Dehumidifiers also help to protect various items such as clothes, paper files etc. from fungus and moss. They also help to get rid of various skin problems that are generally caused due to high humidity. Dust reduction in the air is another advantage of dehumidifier installation.

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Dehumidifier Supplier in UAE

why-dehumidifiers-are-necessaryVackerUAE has been supplying all kinds of dehumidifiers in the UAE region for many years. Our dehumidifiers are one known for their robust structure and high performance. All the models of our dehumidifiers are highly energy efficient and are environment-friendly. Our dehumidifiers are available in all the major cities of UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and much more.

Why are dehumidifiers necessary?

UAE is naturally a hot and humid place. The humidity level of the UAE is always on the higher side throughout the year. High level of humidity in living space arises various problems related to health as well as comfort level. High humidity results uncomfortable living condition, sweaty skin and bad odor. They also cause various problems related to health. High humidity in a place helps in moss formation on the walls and degrades the painting of the living space. Dust mites and other harmful insects also prosper in humid condition. Germs are likely to survive more in high humidity condition.

Hence, it is very important to install a dehumidifier in areas with high humidity such as UAE. VackerUAE supplies various kinds of dehumidifiers that can address the humidity problem of all types of customers. Some of the dehumidifiers are as follows:

  1. Commercial dehumidifierscommercial-dehumidifier-vackerglobal-dubai

    We supply powerful dehumidifiers for commercial buildings that are sure to solve all kinds of humidity problems in commercial buildings. These dehumidifiers are suitable for auditoriums, theater, galleries, museum and many other commercial buildings. Commercial buildings are powerful and can operate dehumidification process even in very large areas.

    Read more on Commercial Dehumidifiers

  2. Dehumidifier for cold rooms

    cold-room-dehumidifiers-vackerThe humidity level in cold rooms may require being maintained at a certain level according to the product stored in the cold room. High humidity in cold rooms can degrade the quality of products such as vegetables, fruits, medicines, meat etc. While other common types of dehumidifiers can be used in the cold rooms it can be problematic due to the quick freezing of liquid in the dehumidifier. It requires manual deicing which can be laborious as well as time-consuming. Hence we bring you dehumidifiers specially designed for cold rooms that come with automatic de-icing functions. The dehumidifiers are capable of performing their operation without any problem in very low temperature and have become the number one choice of customers to install in cold rooms.

    Read more on Dehumidifiers for Cold rooms

  3. Warehouse dehumidifier

    warehouse-dehumidifier-vakerglobalThe warehouse is a very important part of any industries or businesses as various products are stored here before reaching to the customers. A warehouse may be of different size and the ideal humidity may differ according to the products to be stored. We provide warehouse dehumidifiers that are suitable for the storage of all kinds of products in the warehouse. The dehumidifiers help to protect the items that could easily get damaged due to humidity. They also help to prevent pests and insects from invading the warehouse as most insects and pest prosper in humid condition.

    Read more on Warehouse Dehumidifiers

  4. Swimming pool dehumidifiersswimming-pool-dehumidifier-vackerglobal

    Generally, the air around the swimming pool is humid due to the high rate of evaporation from a water body. Hence due to this, a dehumidifier must be installed to protect the surrounding from the bad effects of high humidity. Our swimming pool dehumidifiers help to prevent moss formation and damage to the wall paints. They also help to prevent excessive humidity and create a comfortable environment around the swimming pool.

    Read more on Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

  5. Industrial Dehumidifierindustrial-dehumidifier-vacker

    We have also launched heavy duty dehumidifiers for industrial purposes. Many machines in the industries can be affected by the humidity and decrease their operational capacity. Industrial dehumidifiers by Vacker are designed to work in adverse condition of the industrial environment and operate with energy efficiency.

    Read more on Industrial Dehumidifiers

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