Automatic humidity control, automatic dehumidifier

An automatic dehumidifier controls the humidity or moisture content of the air automatically. It has a hygrostat which is similar to thermostat of AC. The user can set the required humidity in the humidistat and the dehumidifier will work automatically. The moisture in the air is converted into water and the water drains out through a pipe. Most of the models are having an inbuilt water tank which collects the water. If you are not using a pipe, you will have to clear the tank once it is full.automatic-dehumidifier-dubai-abudhabi-uae

Specifications of Automatic Dehumidifier model TTK 355S:

  1. 24 hrs. Automatic Start-up & Shut down through a hygrostat.
  2. Automatic defrost with Hose drainage. The hose will drain the water continuously and will not require any manual attention.
  3. The machine is extremely silent.
  4. The capacity of the dehumidifier at  30°c, RH 80% is 50-80 Litre per Day.
  5. Electrical Supply Voltage is 1 Phase, 220V, 50Hz. (If you require 60 Hz machines, please contact us)
  6. Input Electrical power is 1.3-2 KW.
  7. Input Electrical current is 6-10 Ampere.
  8. Humidity control is through automatic Switch control.
  9. Drainage is through a hose which will be connected during the installation.
  10. The compressor has three minutes delay protection.
  11. Noise level is less than ≤65Db (65 decibels).

Due to our continuous efforts to provide higher quality, the above specifications may change and are subject to confirmation at the time of ordering. Please contact us for assistance on sizing calculation and selection of dehumidifiers.
VackerGloabl supplies all types of dehumidifiers for all commercial and industrial applications.

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Dehumidifier & Humidifier for dairy farm

Dairy Farm dehumidifiers

In dairy farms, the combination of Temperature and humidity have to be kept at a constant value at all times. This is essential for the healthiness of cows. This constant is known as Temperature Humidity Index (THI). The value of dairy-farm-dehumidifiersTHI has to be maintained at the value of 72.00. The formula for calculating THI is as below.

THI = (Dry bulb temperature °C) + (0.36 x dew point temperature °C) + 41.2

In order to keep this value always at 72.00, we have to continuously adjust the humidity. The details are explained below.

How to achieve a constant THI in a dairy farm?

We will require both dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity as well humidifiers to increase humidity. We have to connect humidity sensors around the farm to continuously monitor and record humidity levels in %RH (% Relative Humidity). Also, we have to connect temperature sensors to monitor temperature continuously. There will be 20 to 30 sensors depending on the size of the dairy farm. We will connect all these sensors to a central PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). We will program the formula of THI in the PLC. The PLC will be continuously calculating whether THI is changing in any area of the farm. Depending on the variation in the THI, the PLC will switch on either dehumidifiers or humidifiers. As soon as the THI is achieved, they will be switched OFF. The user can see the THI value on a screen and also see which of the systems are working.

Dehumidifiers and humidifiers for dairy farms

Few of our major models for dairy farms are listed here. However, this will vary depending on the size and current levels of the farm.

Dairy farm dehumidifier model SKU TR-300

adiabatic-dairy-farm-mist-humidifierThis is a floor mounted industrial model for high performance of dehumidification. Features fo the same are as below:

  1. This has a dehumidification capacity of 520 litres per day.
  2. It works from -15°C to +40°C.
  3. It has corrosion resistant enclosure.
  4. It has an air flow rate of 5,000 m³ per hour.

Dairy farm adiabatic humidifier model SKU DV-AC4

This is an adiabatic  humidifier which works on centrifugal atomization principle. Water is converted into a fine mist and circulated. Major features of this model are as below.adiabatic-dairy-farm-mist-humidifier-applications

  1. It has the facility for automatic water filling. Hence it can be left unattended.
  2. It is possible to mount either on the wall or the ceiling with suitable fixing brackets.
  3. It has a capacity of up to 4.5 litres per hour.
  4. Other models of humidifiers are available which can spread the water vapours through pipes fixed around the farm. This will be useful for big farms for uniform distribution.

Vacker supplies dehumidifier, humidifier combinations for Dairy farms for all Emirates of UAE covering Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah etc. Also, Vacker Africa supplies dehumidifiers and humidifiers in African countries covering Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Djibouti, Cameroon, Ethiopia etc. For our services in Saudi Arabia, please see the website of VackerArabia.

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Warehouse Temperature and Humidity

Warehouse Temperature and Humidity - Humidifier

Vacker Global is one of the leading industries in the world which supplies services and related to humidity and temperature monitoring and control. We provide temperature mapping services as well as different models of humidifiers and dehumidifiers for warehouses. As we know warehouses are highly affected by temperature and humidity. Our services can be found in different parts of the world such as India, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Rwanda, etc.

Effects of high Warehouse Temperature and Humidity

Warehouse Temperature and Humidity - Dehumidifier

Warehouses are an important part of industries as all the products are stored in the warehouse before they hit the market. These products are highly affected due to the temperature and humidity of the environment. It is very important to maintain the appropriate level of temperature and humidity in the warehouse to keep different valuable items safe from damage.

High humidity and temperature can have be very dangerous in pharmaceutical warehouses. Medicines and vaccines require low humidity and temperature to maintain their optimum effectiveness. Generally temperature required for the medicines and vaccines are below 4 degree Celsius. Low temperature helps to maintain the effectiveness of medicines and vaccines for a longer period of time.

Apart from pharmaceutical warehouses of food industries are also adversely affected by the rise in humidity and temperature. Many food items tend to get damaged in high temperature and humidity. High temperature and humidity also contributes in development of fungus in clothe items. Different wooden items and furniture can get damaged due to high humidity.

Effect of low Warehouse Temperature and Humidity

  • Low humidity and temperature contribute in development of static energy in different items.
  • This could particularly be dangerous for electronic items as static energy can damage electronic items such as mobiles, laptops, television etc.
  • Low temperature can shorten the battery life of different types of devices.
  • Low humidity has a bad effect on the printing industry.
  • Different wood items can get damaged due to low humidity.


In case of high humidity in the warehouse it is best to use a dehumidifier of suitable capacity. Dehumidifier is an electronic appliance that can lower the level of humidity of the air to a desired level by using different methods. Generally dehumidifiers used in the warehouses are also called commercial dehumidifier or industrial dehumidifier. These dehumidifiers have high capacity of dehumidification compared to home humidifiers. Dehumidifiers help to eliminate different hazards or problems caused in the warehouse due to high humidity. There are different types of dehumidifiers based on their working principles. Commercial dehumidifiers help to decrease the temperature of the warehouse as well as remove musty smell from the location. They dehumidifiers help to protect different valuable items in the warehouse from high humidity. There are different types of dehumidifiers based on their working principles. Thermal condensation dehumidifier, desiccant dehumidifier, ionic membrane dehumidifiers are the major categories of dehumidifiers. Vacker Global supplies every kind of dehumidifier based on the requirement of the customers.


Warehouse Temperature and Humidity - Humidifier

Generally, when the temperature is high the humidity of the air gets low. Thus this creates different kinds of problems in the warehouse. It is necessary to maintain the air of the warehouse to a certain level. In such case it is necessary to use humidifier of appropriate capacity in the warehouse to avoid certain potential problem and damage due to low humidity. Humidifiers are the devices that can increase the humidity of a location by using different methods. The humidifiers not only help to reduce the damage of different items but they also protect the workers working in the warehouse from different health issues due to low humidity.

Humidifiers of different capability is required according to the size of the warehouse as well as the products to be stored in the warehouse.

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Food Safety HACCP

Food Safety HACCP

Food Safety HACCP has played a vital role in revolutionizing food industries. Different Automation Systems have helped food industries to maintain standards as per the requirements of HACCP. Vacker UAE has been supplying various products and solutions to maintain the mandatory measurements within the parameters permitted by HACCP standards in the food industry. Some of the main cities include Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain. With the wide range of our supply area you can gain our services in almost every corner of the UAE region.

What is Food Safety HACCP?

Food Safety HACCP

Almost everyone working in the food industry has heard about HACCP. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Point. It is an international system and recognized everywhere for decreasing the danger of safety hazards during the production and storage of food items. This system determines the potential hazards to be controlled under a certain level. The determined hazards may be chemical, bio-logical or physical according to the system implied during the food storage or production. The HACCP system determines a guideline for the food industry to decrease the safety hazards during the manufacture and storage of the product. This international system generally runs on seven principles.

Some of the products and services that have helped the food industries to monitor and maintain certain parameters according to the HACCP standards are discussed below.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Food Safety HACCP

We provide Real Time Monitoring System for Food Safety HACCP industries in the UAE region. This system warns people in real time whenever certain parameters exceed the appropriate level as described by the HACCP standards. Temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. are such parameters which can be put under check with the help of this system.

This real time temperature monitoring is commonly known as Remote Temperature Monitoring as temperature is the major factor that affects the food storage and production. The real time temperature monitoring system helps to monitor the temperature of the refrigerator and room where the food product is to be stored or produced. This system has helped to maintain the food items in a safe temperature. The system also has helped to monitor the humidity level in the Food Safety HACCP industries. As we all know the level of humidity plays an important role in food storage and production. Certain items may require more humidity than other general food items. Hence, maintaining humidity is also an important factor in food industry. Remote temperature monitoring is not only required in food industry but is also important for pharmaceutical industry. This system helps to maintain the temperature at right levels during the storage of medicine and vaccines.

Infrared Thermometers

Our company Vacker UAE also supplies different models of Infrared Thermometers for homes, restaurants as well as industries. Our infrared thermometers are capable of measuring the temperature of food without any physical contact with the food. Our various models of infrared thermometers are capable of precise and accurate measurement. With user-friendly features and reasonable price, our infrared thermometer has been able to win the trust of millions of people.

Selecting an Infrared Thermometer

While selecting an Infrared Thermometer, following points should be taken into consideration:

  • The accuracy of the thermometer should be brought into consideration.
  • The measuring range of the thermometer should be considered.
  • The distance from which the temperature can be measured should also be noted.
  • Whether the temperature range can be set as per the HACCP procedures.
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Industrial Humidifier

Industrial Humidifier

Our company Vacker UAE offers highly reliable and compact humidifiers for industrial warehouses or storage room as well as for residential use. The wide ranges of humidifiers are useful for different kinds of location such as warehouses, the pharmaceutical industry, laboratory etc. These humidifiers guarantee you precise humidity control under any kind of practical environment. We supply our humidifiers in different cities of UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain.

Effects of low humidity

Industrial Humidifier

Generally, low humidity can cause different kinds of skin problems such as dry skin and chapped lips in people. Humidity is an important factor to maintain the air quality of a room. In industries, humidity helps to optimize the production and plays a significant role during storage processes. Different electric equipment may get damaged during the storage due to low humidity as low humidity encourages the production of static energy. Low humidity also can adversely affect the printing and packaging processes. Humidity is a very important factor for the food processes that require bacterial development and mold formation.

Due to these kinds of an effect, it becomes very necessary to maintain a certain level of humidity in the industries, especially in the warehouses. Hence it is very necessary to choose the right kind of humidifier for your industries to optimize the production and minimize the problems created by low humidity. With a compact design, our humidifiers are not only efficient to maintain the humidity of your desire but are also energy efficient. We focus on low sound producing a design of humidifiers to decrease noise pollution. With the excellent team of experts working in our team, we have brought exclusive automated operations in the humidifiers. With big sizes and high capacity, our humidifiers are capable of humidifying large areas which are generally associated with industries. Some of these humidifiers cone with in-built air purifiers to maintain the quality of air hence our customer do not require to buy a separate air purifier.

Commercial Humidifier Model B 300

Industrial Humidifier

  1. These humidifiers are made of corrosion-free materials.
  2. The user has the ability to lock the settings panel according to his or her requirement.
  3. The water tank of the device is pretty large hence can store a high amount of water.
  4. The device uses ultraviolet sterilization to sterilize the water in the tank.
  5. It has the capability of producing air flow rate as high as 600m³/h.
  6. The device possesses 0.058kW power.
  7. It can evaporate up to 33.6 liters of water in a day.
  8. It uses a moisture sensor to control the humidity.
  9. The water tank of the device can store up to 25 liters.
  10. It comes with an in-built air purifier.
  11. It contains two fan stages.
  12. It can operate in the electric circuit having voltage 230V and a frequency of 50HZ.
  13. It can effectively operate in room sizes having around 600m³ volumes.

We also have other models of the industrial humidifier to match your requirement. Vacker Global is dedicated to providing the customers with the excellent type of products all the time. If you have any questions regarding our products you can visit our official website.

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Dehumidifier Capacity Calculation Link

Dehumidifier Capacity Calculation


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