Dehumidifiers for Hotels to reduce humidity

dehumidifier-for-hotels-vackerglobalA dehumidifier is essentially a household appliance that helps in optimizing the level of humidity in the air for either comfort reasons or for health concerns. Sometimes it is also used for eliminating pungent and musty odour from the air too. Dehumidifiers can be of small scale size or large scale size. Large ones are used in hotels and commercial buildings like indoor ice rinks for controlling their humidity level.

Dehumidifiers, even though, are utilized for optimising the level of humidity in the air, it usually helps in reducing the level of humidity instead of increasing the same. The way they operate involves the extraction of water from the pre-conditioned air. The water collected by this procedure is called “condensate”. As the saturated vapour pressure of water lowers down with decreasing temperature, the water gets separated from the air and thus humidity of the air gets reduced.

Why humidity is important in hotel rooms?

hotel-dehumidifier-vackerglobalRise of humidity in the air can cause supreme condensation. Also, the increase in moisture deposited on the surface of walls and ceilings of the hotel rooms can cause more harm. It can hamper the internal décor of the hotel rooms forming white or translucent spots by setting in the spherical water droplets on the room surface. These condensation spots ultimately grow bigger and take the shape of a patch of discolouration which can act as a spoilage alert to destroy the ambience and look of the hotel rooms.

If the hotel rooms have uncaged wooden antiques or some other such sort of un-showcased artefacts or relics resting in the open air, there is a possibility of them getting dampened with the condensation water droplets too, if there is a sudden rise in humidity. Even the wooden furniture in the hotel rooms can show a syndrome of swollen structures if the rise in humidity is on the steeper side.

Dehumidifier for hotel rooms in DubaiThen the furniture would produce a musty odour since the infestation with mould and mildew would creep in as they like to build their nests in their favourite humid wooden furniture. This apart, there can arise the issue of swollen walls too. Generally, hotel rooms have internally cool air-conditioned set up which leads to a difference in temperature with external hot atmosphere.

For this reason, sweating or dampening of the hotel room walls come into the picture, and it becomes more visibly prominent when the hotel room walls get swollen. There have been many instances when the travellers have termed their experience in staying at the hotel rooms as unhygienic. When they were asked the reasons, they shared their grudge against hotel housekeeping for not having any ability to reduce the humidity of the air inside hotel rooms, which caused the growth of microbial and fungi on the hotel linens, curtains and walls producing a stench all around them.

Even, leaving apart the residential rooms of the hotel, if the hotel rooms extend to the kitchen, dining, gym and spa, the headache increases with an increase in humidity level. It causes dampening of equipment like television’s screen, microwave, sharpened cutlery, treadmill, cycle etc. Dehumidifiers are thus indispensable in hotels playing a vital role by keeping the relative humidity level in control and by assuring pleasant guest experience acquired in your hotel.

How to Reduce Humidity in Hotel Rooms?

dehumidifier-for-hotels-in-dubai-vackerglobalThere are many ways to reduce humidity in hotel rooms, but honestly, none of these ways has a fool-proof strategy except using the quality dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers work scientifically and thus they ensure reducing the humidity of the air to an optimum level in the hotel rooms which can be conducive to a pleasant stay enjoyable by the guests and travellers accommodated at your hotel.

The following points chart out the vital points one needs to reckon for choosing, installing and maintaining the dehumidifiers to reduce humidity in hotel rooms in the best possible way.

  1. Choose the right dehumidifier which sticks to your needs and also check whether it is having the proper capacity to serve the dimension of your hotel rooms perfectly or not. One of the most efficient ways to choose the proper sized dehumidifier is to first measure the square footage of the hotel room and then map it to select the corresponding size of dehumidifier fit for it.Another point of concern is to check the number of pints of water that would get extracted from the hotel room’s interior environment in a 24 hours’ span.
  2. Think about how to position it inside the hotel rooms. If keeping it in a central position poses problems, then place it to a corner from where the possibility of spatial contact with wooden furniture is the least, and the possibility of coming in contact with circulating air is the highest.
  3. You need to be thoroughly familiar with the operation of the dehumidifier. One needs to start with going through the entire manual for getting a grip of proper usage of the product.dehumidifier-supplierTaking the help of built-in hygrometer for measuring the humidity level of air in hotel rooms can come to a great deal of aid. An optimal relative humidity (RH) level approximately hovers between the ranges of 45% to 50%. Below 30% RH, it can cause to form cracked ceilings; above 50%, it can cause mould and mildew growth.
  4. Empty the dehumidifier on a regular basis after every usage in order to get durable service.
  5. Vacuum the hotel room’s floor first, and then switch on the dehumidifier. By this way, it does not spread the dust particles all around the hotel room.
  6. Along with dehumidifier, also get a frost control mechanism installed in the hotel rooms.
  7. Use the dehumidifier at the right time. Keep an eye when most of the air is getting into the room, then switch on the dehumidifier. Avoid the daytime, and avoid keep it on for all day long.

Three Major Types of Dehumidifiers for Hotel Rooms

Few of our popular models are listed below.

  1. Comfort Dehumidifier TTK 68 E for hotel guest rooms

    dehumidifier-for-hotels-ttk-68e-vackerglobalThis one is designed in such a way that it convinces with its dehumidification performance of a whopping 20 litres plus per day. It has a built-in timer function and a hygrostat is included with its package. It uses the principle of condensation to automatically dehumidify the hotel rooms. The fan sucks damp room air through the air inlet. The air is cooled at the evaporator until it is below the dew point. Water vapour contained in the room air precipitates on the evaporator fins as either condensation or rime.

    The dehumidified, cooled air is slightly warmed and blown out again. It comes with a child lock, a display to highlight relative humidity (RH), an option for selectable ionization, an internal drying function, noiseless night operation and a comfort button. For draining out the condensate, it comes with possible hose connection, since the hose included is in the scope of delivery.

    The condensate pump works fine as per the user reviews displayed in the official website. TTK 68 E provides overall protection with automatic switch off. It comes with drainage connection for unattended operations, readily accessible, portable and washable air filter, convenient carrying handle and steerable wheels for a simple room to room transport.

    This comfort dehumidifier is meant to use for drying and dehumidifying living rooms, bedrooms, basements, laundries in a hotel. It is also meant to use for maintaining the dryness of storage spaces, archives, changing rooms etc. It is prohibited to use for outdoor purpose, and it should not come in contact with the wet floor or flooded ground.

  2. TTK 110 HEPA Dehumidifier for hotels

    This is a multi-tasking dehumidifier supporting automatic dehumidification process, which is meant for serving multi-purpose functions. TTK 110 HEPA dehumidifier is installed with three separate dehumidification programs with a maximum dehumidification capacity of more than 40 litres per day. It comes with a provision for setting the optimal humidity in terms of 5 per cent increments or decrements, and the desirably set humidity can be anything sliding between 40% on the lowest side and 70% on the highest side.

    It has a superb low humidity, drying solution for water damage which can help in the drying of wet laundry. This dehumidifier has a unique feature. It is equipped with overflow protection which helps in signalling the user through LED light when the time comes to warn for the water tank has been utilized up to its maximum capacity. Even for an effective air cleaning purpose or depolluting purpose, this dehumidifier can excel a lot.

    It can ensure reliable filtration of 99.7% of all airborne pollutants up to a minuscule size of 0.3 microns; and all the impurities including harmful viruses, bacteria and protozoa get freed within the next eight hours. It is capable of intensive dehumidification of an air volume 260 cubic meter per hour which shows an incredible potential from the performing aspect.

  3. FD 520 duct mounted dehumidifier for hotels

    fral-fd-520-dehumidifier-for-hotels-vackerglobalThis one is a large scale dehumidifier built by reputed brand ‘Fram’ which is supposed to be used for industrial dehumidification purpose. It also runs on the principle of automatic dehumidification through remote control mechanism. If you are buying this for hotel room dehumidification purpose, this can be used in large commercial spaces apart from the guest rooms, like – food storing room, the kitchen hall, dining hall, gymnasium, spa etc.

    This apart, the large rooms which are meant for preserving food products, for instance, the cold storage, can be dehumidified by using this product. It comes with a washable air filter, hence it is ought to remain connected to a fixed drain. There is also equipment of an on-board mechanical humidistat which comes with it. Besides that, it can also get connected to a remote digital humidistat. For supreme functioning, there is an option to link this dehumidifier with hot gas defrosting system coupled with electronic and thermostatic controls.

    Defrosting system can help it working with temperature closing around zero degree Celsius. The temperature can be tuned up to 3 degree Celsius at most. Defrosting system is a special hot gas injection system to accelerate the defrosting of ice formed in the evaporator.

    There is a special microprocessor which controls the defrosting cycles and the compressor timer. Another unique feature of this dehumidifier is its step sequence control which is absent from other dehumidifiers.

Product Description of Duct mounted Dehumidifier

  1. Brief Title of the device: Dehumidifier for mounting in HVAC ducts in Hotels, warehouses, factories, commercial buildings.
  2. Brief Description of the device: This dehumidifier model VAC-FD520 is a high capacity model for handling large volumes of air. This is for connecting to HVAC ducts. Based on the number of rooms and the total area, we will help you select the right capacity and model.
  3. Model number: VAC-FD520
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1001000129
  7. Price (USD): 9,890.00
  8. Price Validity: 31 December 2020

In the Middle East, we supply industrial dehumidifiers, wall mounted dehumidifiers, swimming pool dehumidifiers, cold room dehumidifiers, residential dehumidifiers etc. in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia etc.

In Africa, we supply industrial dehumidifiers, wall mounted dehumidifiers, swimming pool dehumidifiers, cold room dehumidifiers, residential dehumidifiers etc. in countries including Kenya, Algeria, Tanzania, Djibouti, Chad, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Angola, South Africa etc.

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