Vacker becomes a complete humidity company-Hotline : 800 HUMIDITY

Vacker has been in the forefront of the Middle East and African market supplying various dehumidifiers & humidifiers. Over the years, Vacker has developed a lot of custom solutions. Now Vacker forms dehumidification as a separate division for serving the customers in a better UAE, Vacker can be contacted at the hotline 800-HUMIDITY (800 48643489). Customers from outside UAE can contact at +971 42 66 11 44.
The following products and solutions are provided by this division:complete-humidity-solution-provider-VackerGlobal

  1. Dehumidifiers & humidifiers for home and offices.
  2. Humidifiers for increasing the humidity in hospitals during winter times.
  3. Humidifiers for the printing press, for increasing the humidity.
  4. Dehumidifiers & Humidifiers for storage of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Cold room dehumidifiers for reducing the humidity of cold storages.
  6. Humidifiers for mushroom cultivation.
  7. Humidity control for indoor farming.
  8. Dehumidifiers for data centres and server rooms.
  9. Humidifiers for reducing static electricity in printing presses, commercial buildings etc.
  10. Centralised dehumidification systems for commercial buildings.complete-humidity-control-solutions-MiddleEast-and-Africa
  11. Temperature & Humidity mapping for pharmaceutical warehouses and cold storages.
  12. Supply of all types of humidity sensors, humidity meters, hygrostats, hygrometers etc.
  13. Dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity of indoor swimming pools.
  14. Dehumidifiers for clean rooms.
  15. Humidity monitoring and control systems.

We provide complete supply & installation of dehumidification systems in all Middle East countries covering the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Also, we provide our services in African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Djibouti, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania etc.

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