How to select dehumidifier for Home, Office, Cold store, Warehouse, Hotels, Spa

This chart briefly explains how to select a dehumidifier or humidifier. To start with dehumidifiers are for reducing the humidity. The humidifiers are for increasing the humidity by producing more humidity.

Major types of Dehumidifiers by technology

There are mainly two types of dehumidifiers by operations principle. The first one is the condensation type and the second one is the desiccant type dehumidifier. Condensation type operates by converting moisture into the water by condensation principle. A desiccant type has a rotor with a special material known as a desiccant. It absorbs moisture particles from the air.

How to select a dehumidifier to reduce humidity?

You have to follow these steps to select a dehumidifier of the right type and capacity.

  1. Check the temperature and current humidity of the area where you want to control humidity.
  2. Decide the required humidity levels of the areas based on your requirements.
  3. Use our dehumidifier selection software to calculate the required capacity of the dehumidifier.
  4. While using the software consider the worst cases. ie. The lowest and highest possible temperature and humidity levels.
  5. As a thumb rule, you may use desiccant models below 10°C. For requirements above 10°C, you may use condensation type dehumidifiers.
  6. Shortlist few models which are nearest to this capacity.
  7. Check the performance of the shortlisted models based on the chart by the manufacturer.
  8. Check your requirements like wall mounting, duct mounting, floor mounting etc

Selection of dehumidifiers based on applications

We have categorized into three main types based on its applications.

  1. The first type is for home offices etc. For all the Middle East countries, we have to use condensation type dehumidifiers for home and office. For very low-temperature countries such as Europe, USA, Canada etc, we may have to use desiccant type dehumidifiers. The size of the dehumidifier is based on the size of the room. Even though we have around 50 models, we have categorized into small, medium and big rooms. The prices given are in UAE Dirhams and additional local delivery charges may apply. For other Middle East countries, courier charges and tax will be applied additionally.
  2. The second type is for indoor swimming pools for villas, hotels, commercial or residential buildings. The design of the swimming pool dehumidifier is different from other commercial dehumidifiers. Hence we have considered this is as a separate category. Only condensation dehumidifiers should be used for swimming pools. Desiccant type should not be used for swimming pools. They will get damaged in 2 years time. The air near a swimming pool is having chlorine content. This air will slowly damage the rotor of a desiccant dehumidifier. Hence please be aware that you should never select a desiccant dehumidifier for swimming pools. For selecting the capacity of the dehumidifier, we need to do certain design calculations. For this purpose, please provide us with the size of the swimming pool, size of the room in which swimming pool is built, the temperature of the air and the temperature of the water. We will select the right dehumidifier for you.
  3. The third type is a commercial dehumidifier for industrial and commercial applications. This range covers both condensation and desiccant dehumidifiers. Also by size, there are two categories, viz. portable and fixed dehumidifiers. Obviously, you can move the portable ones from place to place. There are different types of fixed dehumidifiers viz. duct mounted, wall-mounted, floor-mounted etc. For temperature above 10 Deg Celsius, you have to use condensation type units. For temperature below 10 Deg Centigrade, condensation units will not function properly and will cause ice formation. Hence you have to use desiccant units only. For deciding the exact capacity, we need to carry out design calculations. While contacting, please provide the size of the room, the temperature of the room, the present humidity of the room and the desired humidity of the room. We will select the right dehumidifier for you.

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