Infrared Heat Sensing Instruments

//Infrared Heat Sensing Instruments

The typical heat sensing instrument such as thermometers requires physical contact with the body for functioning but infrared heat sensing instrument are devices that does not require any physical contact with the body but only uses the infrared radiated from the body for its functioning. There are different types of heat sensing instrument available such as infrared food service thermometer, infrared camera, infrared scanning system etc.

Beginning of the Infrared Heat Sensing Instrument

The infrared radiation is invisible radiation that is radiated from a body that possess heat energy in them. Basically all the matter in the universe possess heat hence every matter in the universe radiates infrared rays. The infrared rays were discovered by famous scientist William Herschel in 1800 which paved the way for infrared heat sensing instrument. Later this infrared radiation became the base for the invention of infrared camera, infrared scanning system etc.

Different types of Heat Sensing Instruments

Generally there are different types of heat sensing instrument that are used in our homes, offices and industries. These instruments have a huge impact and application on our daily life. Some of the infrared heat sensing instruments that are very useful for us are discussed below:

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera


These devices essentially are capable of measuring the temperature of a location with the help of infrared radiation and form a two dimensional image. These cameras are very useful in fire-fighting. The fire fighters can use this camera to rescue people trapped in the fire as this camera helps them to see even in the smoky environment. These also help to locate hot spots in the fire. These camera is also used by the security department to monitor the movement of a person as it can detect the persons movement in the dark and also through the wall. These cameras are also used in rescue missions of people that are trapped in jungles, mountains or in very dark places where the visible light may not be available.

Infrared Food Service Thermometer


Healthy food is very important for our health. The onus is on the food service industries to provide its customer with the food of high quality. The temperature in which a food is prepared effects the quality of food in a great deal. Hence it is very important to monitor the temperature of a food during various stages of its preparation. Infrared food service thermometer is the thermometers that can monitor the temperature of food during different stages of preparation without any physical contact unlike probe thermometers. This thermometer is now popular in the food service industries, restaurants and general home kitchen. These thermometers have helped to prepare the food in high quality and also prevent food-borne diseases. These thermometers are quite accurate and reliable. In addition to being accurate these thermometers are a lot faster than the traditional thermometer. A user always should keep in mind that a infrared food service thermometer can only detect the surface temperature of food and hence for the internal temperature measurement it is always better to use traditional probe thermometer.

Thermal Motion Sensor

These motion sensors are capable of sensing heat from a body with the help of the infrared radiation of body. These motion sensors are generally used for the security purpose. When the thermal motion sensor detects motion in a place it can automatically set the burglar alarm. It also has become a key part of a smart home.

Infrared Pyrometer

These thermometer are capable of measuring temperature of a small spot on a surface. The spot of which temperature is being measured is indicated with a red dot but the dot has no part in the temperature measurement of the spot.