Industrial automation

///Industrial automation

We provide automation solutions for process industries such as cement plants, glass factories, packaging solutions etc. involving series of connected processes which need to be controlled without any tolerance. These kind of solutions are generally covered under Industrial automation and Process automation. As an industrial automation company, we carry out various process automation, PLC automation and PLC programming solutions

Process Automation and Industrial automation company

Any activity of a machinery which needs to be carried out automatically instead of manually can be automated using an array of sensors. A set of sensors will monitor various parameters and will provide output signals which can then be processed using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to give a set of commands based on the inputs.

Industrial automation solutions implemented by us

Few of the solutions from different industries are given here for an overall idea of our capabilities:

  • Automation of temperature control of a furnace. The temperature of the furnace and the material intake was automated suitably for energy conservation
  • Automation of shutters for a pharmaceutical warehouse. The warehouse consisted of numerous doors. In order to keep the temperature of the warehouse under controlled conditions, more than one door should not be opened at the same instance. This was automated with a wireless system consisting of sensors.
  • Monitoring the pressure of a tool of a CNC machine. Steel sheets fed on a CNC machine was having uneven surface at times, which caused the machine tool to break. This was rectified by continuously monitoring the surface of the sheets and releasing the tool in time to prevent damage.

We have established ourselves as a capable industrial automation company for carrying out high end automation solutions. Most of the solutions include PLC Automation including PLC programming for various brands such as Allen Bradley, Beckhoff , SIEMENS, GFR, Rockwell etc.

Examples of Process automation solutions implemented by us

Some of our major installations for various industries are:

  • Cement process plant for automation of various processes including material handling and loading on to the trucks
  • Ghee packaging process for synchronizing the flow of the ghee and the packaging machine.
  • Material handling of ready mix cement plant to automate the loading of the cement based on the presence of the truck in the exact position using PLC automation. The processes involved material handling, packaging, loading etc.
  • PLC Automation solution for automation of gates at container handling terminal