Bluetooth Data Logger

///Bluetooth Data Logger

Over the last few years, Bluetooth’s growth has been extensively increasing. Bluetooth data logger is based on same method. Most of the consumers still think of Bluetooth as a wireless communication medium for cellphones to talk to headsets.

Even though it is still largely true, Bluetooth is finding its way into more routine forms of communication such as data logging. Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for transferring data over short distances.

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bluetooth-data-loggerThe data loggers with built-in Bluetooth will allow getting easy access to your data via standard and short-range wireless links. They will help you for easily configuring, monitoring, and downloading data from the data logger using your smartphone or tablet without a physical connection.

Bluetooth Data logger has several advantages comparing with other wireless technologies. It has very low power consumption for long life in battery powered applications. It is compatible with IOS and Android application for support on a wide range of devices. There is the main limitation of Bluetooth communication is the limited communication range typically 5-30 meters (15-100 feet) depending on the environment and receiving the device.

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We have two models of Bluetooth Data logger

  • MSR145WD Wireless Data Logger and Recorder with Bluetooth Communications
  • VERIGO Bluetooth Data logger


This MSR 145WD Bluetooth data logger measure and store over one million temperature, humidity, light, pressure and acceleration readings .MSR145WD Wireless Data Logger VackerGlobal This mini-logger is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy and a bright OLED graphic display. There is an optional web-based service MSR Smart Cloud for data monitoring from any location.


  • Measuring and recording temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure and Acceleration together.
  • It has a capacity of storing up to 1 Million Total Readings onto Internal Non-Volatile Memory
  • OLED Display indicates in graph or data recordings.
  • Recorded Data can be viewed from Any Device such as Phone, Tablet or Computer Using Optional Cloud Storage (MSR Smart Cloud)MSR145WD Wireless Data Logger MSR Electronics GmbH VackerGlobal
  • There is a Built-in Bluetooth for Transmitting Data to MSR Smart Cloud
  • Using USB Cable and PC Computer Lithium Polymer Battery can be recharged.
  • From the different loggers, the data can be merged synchronously into a single data record.
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Measuring Parameters Temperature
Relative Humidity (RH)
Air Pressure
Temperature Measurement Range -20°C to 65°C 
Accuracy: ±0.2°C (-10°C to 50°C); ±1.0°C (-40°C to 125°C)
Humidity Measurement Range 0 to 100% RH @ -20°C to 65°C
Accuracy: ±1.8% (10 to 85% RH); ±4% (85 to 95% RH)
Air Pressure Measurement Range 0 to 2000 mbar Absolute @ -20°C to 65°C
Accuracy: ±2 mbar (750 to 1100 mbar Absolute, 25°C)
Acceleration Measurement Range ±15g @ -20°C to 65°C
Accuracy: ±0.15G @ 25°C
Light Measurement Range 0 to 65,000 lx
Accuracy: 100 to 65,000 lx, Max ±5% Linearity Error, Max Sensitivity at 500 nm
Bluetooth Type: Bluetooth 4.0 Smart
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Radio Range: Approximately 10 Meters
Sampling Rate 1 Second to 12 Hours
Storage Capacity Approx.: 1 Million Total Readings
Display Type: High Contrast OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode)
Resolution: 96 x 64 pixels
Display Area: 22.14 mm x 15.42mm
Fast Response Time <10 µs
Alarms None
LEDs: Blue,Red,Yellow Recording Indicator, Alarm Indicator, Battery Charge Indicator
Active Battery life 2-3 Months (Sampling Rate: 1 Minute)
Mode of Operation Push Button Start/Stop
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VERIGO Bluetooth Data logger

Temperature and Humidity Bluetooth Data Logger

Verigo Bluetooth data logger is also called as pods. The pods will record and wirelessly transmits temperature/humidity data to the smartphones and tablets. There is an application called Verigo app for viewing and downloading the data. The User can program their pods for each monitoring session by giving a description, scanning a product barcode, setting temperature/humidity levels. During use, the mobile app allows users to view all the pods up to 40 meters away in real time with their current temperature or humidity readings. The Verigo app has a function to email data as a PDF or CSV straight from your mobile device. All the recorded data is stored in the cloud automatically via Verigo’s secure Web App, allowing users back at the office to search all Pod data, view location points, and generate PDF and CSV files for data review and analysis.


There are different types of data logger

  1. Reusable Temperature Data Logger

  2. Reusable Temperature and Humidity Data logger

  3. Single use or disposable temperature data logger

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