We are the authorized distributors / System Integrator of the following companies:

Cryopak, USA

Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers, Real Time monitoring Systems, Packaging Solutions, Temperature Mapping, Validation & Qualification

MSR, Switzerland

Multi Channel Data Loggers, Wireless Data Loggers

Accsense, USA

Voltage, Current & Solar data loggers, Versalog Multichannel data loggers, Temperature & Humidity monitoring systems

Trotec, Germany

Dehumidifiers, Thermal imaging camera, Measuring instruments

HW Group, Prague

IP Based sensor systems, Temperature & Humidity sensors

Graphtec, Japan

Multi Channel Data Loggers, Network Based Temperature Monitoring

Next, Italy

Multi-channel Monitoring Systems including GPRS Transmission

PSIDAC, Sweden

Differential Pressure Sensors

Verigo, USA

Bluetooth Data Loggers

Disclaimer: All the above logos are the registered Trade Marks of respective companies, the logo is shown only for easy identification of the companies. We have no intention to misrepresent them or make any financial gains by using the above logos in our website.

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Vacker Group of companies is established to provide specialized engineering solutions with a focus on energy conservation and are presently involved in Industrial/Process automation, Home/Office automation, MEP contracting, engineering activities and Trading in Electro-Mechanical items.

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