Data loggers by graphtec

///Data loggers by graphtec

An easy-to-use upright device enabling isolated 8-channel multifunction input, the GL900 is capable of performing high-speed simultaneous measurements of voltage, temperature, and various other phenomena.

The input signal needs to be not exceeding the specified voltage at any time.
The component in the amplifire of the unit may have the damage by over voltage.
Please check the details of over voltage in the specification sheet (Maximum input voltage or Withstand voltage seccion) or the caution label attached on the unit.

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Data can be captured to PC-friendly USB memory sticks

GL900 Multi Channel Datalogger-vacker global

Long-term data can be captured directly to built-in 256-MB flash memory or to an external USB memory stick at sampling intervals of from 1 ms to 1 min. For high-speed sampling at intervals faster than 1 ms, up to one million data points can be captured to internal RAM.

Can be used as an X-Y recorder

The GL900 reproduces analog X-Y recorder movements and provides the illusion of pen up/pen down movements. It can be operated like an analog X-Y recorder and can also be used as a 4-pen X-Y recorder. The digital data format facilitates post-measurement confirmation of data values and report creation.

High-precision temperature measurement even during high-speed sampling

Lets users perform high-precision temperature measurements even during high-speed sampling – ideal for performing combined voltage and temperature measurements.

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