Condensation Dehumidifier

///Condensation Dehumidifier

Condensation dehumidifier work on the principle of condensation of moisture from the surrounding air. The dehumidifier sucks air through inlet of the machine. Then the dehumidifier processes the air using condensation process utilizing a compressor. This converts the moisture content of the air into water. The outlet air will be dry after removal of the moisture. The machine produces water, which will be drained out automatically.

Condensation type industrial dehumidifiers and dryers

The lowest capacity model in this portable series of condensation dehumidifier is 32 litre / 24 hours and the highest capacity model is 300 litre/ 24 hour.

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Model TTK 125S commercial dehumidifier

This model is the smallest in this series. This is suitable for offices, commercial rooms, shops etc.

Technical details:

  • It has a Dehumidification performance of 32 litres per 24 hours
  • The operating range of temperature is 5°- 32°C and 32 to 100 % RH.
  • Air flow rate is 300 m³ per hour.
  • Weight of the dehumidifier is 24 kg.
  • Dimension of the model is 375 mm (L) x 375mm (W) x 603mm (H).
  • commercial dehumidifier - TTK 125S Trotec VackerGlobal
  • Electrical consumption is 0.56 kW
  • It operates on 220 V, 50Hz.

Model TTK 800 industrial dryer

This is condensation type industrial dryer of TTK Pro series. This model is suitable for small and medium warehouses, big halls, conference rooms, open offices etc.

  • Maximum dehumidification performance is 150 litres per 24 hours.
  • Operating range of temperature is 5°- 32°C and 32 to 100 % RH.
  • Air flow rate is 950 m³ per hour.
  • Weight of the machine is 70 kg.
  • Dimension of this model is 585 mm (L) x 630 mm (W) x 1020 mm (H).
  • Electrical consumption is 2.4 kW at 220 V & 50 Hz.
  • Compressor type is Rotary piston compressor
  • Type of cooling agent is R-407C.
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  • Sound level at meter is 63 dB.

Optional water pump is available for all the models for pumping water to longer distance if required.

TTK 655 S Commercial Dehumidifier

This is the model of commercial dehumidifier with the highest capacity and is suitable for warehouses.

  • Dehumidification performance is 150 litres per 24 hours.
  • Operating range of temperature is 5°- 32°C and humidity range is 32 to 100 % RH
  • Air flow rate is 1500 m³/h
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Dimension : 585 mm (L) x 630 mm (W) x 1020 mm (H)
  • Electrical consumption : 2.4 kW
  • Compressor type : Rotary piston compressor
  • Type of cooling agent : R-407C
  • TTK655 Condensation Dehumidifier-vacker global
  • Sound level at  meter : 63 dB

Applications of condensation dehumidifiers

The following are the general applications of condensation dehumidifiers:

1. Warehouse dehumidification

This is one of the most common industrial applications to reduce humidity inside warehouses. For storage of cement, food grains etc. you need to reduce the moisture content in the air. Otherwise, the stored goods will be spoilt. For such applications, you can reduce the humidity using these dehumidifiers. There are calculations involved to estimate the required capacity of the machines. Our experts will assist in this regard.

2. Cold room dehumidification

Inside cold rooms, the humidity will be normally very high. This happens because the low temperature attracts humidity. In order to reduce this humidity the only way is to use cold room dehumidifiers.

3. Industrial applications and factories

Inside factories, humidity can go high for many reasons. One of the possible reasons is that the process in the factory will be causing excess humidity. This will affect the operating personnel as well as the products being manufactured. These types are called industrial dehumidifiers.

4. Home dehumidification

In countries with high humidity, people suffer from high humidity. Humidity above 70-75% is not healthy for human beings. In order to reduce this humidity, home dehumidifiers are required. These will be very small models with aesthetic designs.

5. Office dehumidification

Office dehumidifiers are similar to home dehumidifiers, but slightly larger in size. This is because in an office there will be more number of personnel. The dehumidifiers generate water and has to be removed from time to time.

6. Industrial drying

In many industries, it is required to quickly extract water from the surface or atmospheric air. For such applications, industrial dryers are used. These work on the same principle as condensation dehumidifiers but are designed for heavy-duty operations.

7. Pharmaceutical storage

It is a requirement to keep the medicines below 65% RH. This ensures quality and shelf life of the medicine. If the moisture content in the storage area is above 65%, you may have to use dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity.

8. Sweets manufacturing process

During manufacture of sweets, the moisture content has to be low. Otherwise the sweets will not keep its texture. Also it’s shelf life is reduced. Hence it is essential to reduce the humidity to 40-45% using dehumidifiers.

9. Storage of fruits and vegetables

For storage of many fruits, vegetable, nuts etc. the moisture content has to be controlled. Other wise it reduces life of the items. For such cases, condensation dehumidifiers are recommended.

10. Ice cream manufacturing process

In the ice cream manufacturing process, there are many ingredients, which are sensitive to moisture. If the moisture is not controlled, the ice cream manufacturing process will be affected.

11. Chocolate manufacturing process

Similar to sweets, chocolate manufacturing process also is very sensitive to moisture. If the environment is humid, the chocolate surface will absorb moisture affecting its quality and shelf life.