Multichannel data loggers by MSR

///Multichannel data loggers by MSR

There are many situations in industry, science and commerce where it becomes necessary to simultaneously measure and record various measurement parameters such as humidity, temperature, pressure, acceleration, vibration, shock, voltage, light etc. With their wide range of available measurement parameters, small size and large memory capacities, the robust data loggers from MSR Electronics GmbH provide an efficient solution for a multitude of different measuring tasks.

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Data Logger MSR255

MSR255 Multi Channel Datalogger-vacker global

LCD datalogger with up to 5 sensors and 4 analogue inputs

  1. 4 row LCD matrix display
  2. 4 individually configurable views
  3. Records temperature, rel. humidity, pressure, light and/or 3-axis acceleration (incl. fast peak)
  4. 4 analogue inputs for external sensors
  5.  Memory capacity for over 2 000 000 measurements
  6.  2300mAh Li-ion battery
  7. Top-hat rail snapper
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Data Logger MSR165

  1. 3-axis shock logger for long-term measurements
  2. 4 analogue inputs for connecting conventional sensors
  3. Measurement rate up to 1000/s
  4. Switched power supply
  5. Saves more than 2m measurement values and with an optional SD card over 1bn measurement values
  6. Only approx. 80g
  7.  800mAh lithium ion battery
  8. USB interface
  9. Optionally available with temperature, humidity, pressure and attitude sensors
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Data Logger MSR160

Mini logger with a memory capacity for over 1bn Measurement values & 4 analogue inputs

Also suitable for vibration measurements

  1. Measurement frequency 1600/s
  2. Acceleration measurements up to ±15 g or ±200 g
  3. Memory capacity for over 2 000 000 measurements, expandable using an SD card
  4. Weighs only 64g
  5. 800mAh Li-ion battery
  6. Additional temperature, humidity, pressure and light together with 4 analogue inputs for third-party sensors
  7. Free software
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Data Logger MSR145WD

Autonomous wireless data logger with BLE, Display & MSR SmartCloud

  1. High performance data logger with Bluetooth Low Energy
  2. Wireless monitoring of measurement data
  3. Alarm function
  4. Web-based service MSR SmartCloud
  5. Brilliant OLED colour display
  6. Memory capacity for over 1 000 000 measured values
  7. Up to five internal or external sensors
  8. Standard IP 60, waterproof IP 67
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Data Logger MSR145

Competitively priced mini logger for temperature, humidity, pressure, light and acceleration/attitude

  1. Up to 5 measurement parameters in 1 datalogger
  2. An additional 2 or 4 analogue inputs for external sensors
  3. Memory capacity for over 2 000 000 measurements
  4. Weighs only 16g
  5. Free firmware update via USB
  6. Li-ion battery
  7. Free choice of case, measurement parameters and sensors
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