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A temperature data logger is basically an electronic temperature recorder. These are small devices that can record temperature readings and variations over a set time frame. A temperature logger has diverse applications in any temperature-sensitive applications. It is useful in segments such as pharma, food, agriculture, logistics etc.

temperature-recorder-with-batteryThe user can download and view the recorded digital data. A temperature data logger has its applications in different areas including industrial complexes, warehouses, and commercial spaces such as malls and restaurants.  

Uses of Temperature Data Loggers

Temperature loggers have a number of applications. These include:
  1. For recording the temperature of warehouses and cold rooms which store medicines, vaccines, fruits etc.
  2. It is essential to record the temperature inside refrigerated trucks and vans to record the temperature. The consignor and consignee can check the temperature of the goods during the entire journey.
  3. You can keep a temperature recorder inside thermally insulated boxes during transportation of medicines, vaccines, food etc.
  4. Medical refrigerators require temperature recording. These are ideal for such applications.
  5. Critical rooms in hospitals such as operations theatre, isolation wards etc. require temperature monitoring.
  6. Environmental Monitoring: One of the main purposes of a temperature data logger is to monitor the level of temperature in the environment. The digital readings it takes on a set period of time can offer vital clues on weather patterns and help predict temperature levels quite easily.
  7. Temperature Logger with External Sensor VackerGlobalA temperature recorder is used for the recording of temperature during transportation of temperature sensitive goods. Such items include medicine, vaccine, food, vegetable, frozen good items etc.
  8. Temperature Monitoring in Industrial Complexes and Warehouses: On establishments where there is a strong need to keep temperatures at specific levels, a temperature data logger can indeed come in handy. In most cases, warehouses that store foodstuffs will often have a temperature data logger that is basically used to ensure that the temperature is maintained at a specific level to prevent the foodstuffs from getting spoilt. The same also applies to industrial complexes where a change in temperature can affect processes and cause major losses.
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How to select the right Temperature recorder for your application?

Buying a temperature logger is quite easy. The good news is, the market offers a remarkable diversity of temperature recorders to choose from and it should be easy for you to find something that suits your needs. However, there are some important factors that should basically influence which temperature data logger you buy. Our numerous models of temperature data loggers give you the freedom to select to suit your requirement. Here is an overview of a few factors:
  1. Identify your required Memory capacity. The number of recordings of a temperature logger is decided by the memory capacity of the device. There are different models starting from 8000 readings up to 128,000 readings. A device with 8000 readings can record for 27 days if the sampling interval is 5 minutes.
  2. Data download USB Temperature Data Logger VackerGlobalWhat kind of a data transfer is most convenient for you from the temperature recorder. Identify the facilities available with the user who downloads the temperature data.
  3. Select the most convenient type of connection method to a computer. The best ones will be those which you can directly insert into a USB port without any cable. Alternatively, select models which use a standard simple USB Cable. Avoid models which require any special adaptors or docking stations. If the user does not have these special adaptors, it will be impossible to download the data.
  4. Check whether the programming and downloading software are free. In such a case you can have any number of users who can install the software without any limitations. Our data loggers come with free software for programming and downloading the data.
  5. Check your needs for alarm programming. It should be possible to program multiple levels of high and low alerts. In most of our models, it is possible to set two levels of high alerts and two levels of low alarms. All alarms are with separate delay timings. This helps the user to set fully customizable alarms. Also, there are Red and Blue LEDs for indicating the alarmsTemperature recorder Buy online
  6. Check whether your recording need is a single time or multiple times. This is also a very important attribute that you should look out for in a temperature logger. A logger that can be reused any number of times is called multi-use data logger. Any model which can be used only once is termed as single-use temperature logger or disposable temperature logger. Suppose you are sending goods to another place. You may not expect to receive the logger back after delivery of the goods. In such a case, you must use economical single-use data loggers. If the data logger is in your control at all times, you can use multiple-use data loggers.
  7. Sample Report Temperature Data Logger Vacker GlobalCheck the details of the battery and battery life. A data logger is normally not connected to a power supply. Hence the battery should have a good life. Also, the battery should be easily available locally. And the customer should be able to replace himself without going back to the supplier. If you are using a data logger repeatedly, the battery will last a maximum period of 8-12 months. Hence it is essential that it should be easy to replace the battery by the user.
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Low-Cost Temperature data logger VAC-V1Mu without display

The Temperature data logger VAC-V1Mu is a low-cost data recorder. If you do not want to see the readings on the screen, you can use these economic models. It does not have a display but has 5 LED indicators to indicate alarms. If the temperature goes above the programmed limits, the red LED will be activated. If the temperature goes below the programmed limits, the Blue LEDs will start blinking. This temperature recorder is a multi-use type. The customer can use it for any number of times until the battery capacity is over. The battery will last 1 to 2 years based on usage conditions and storage conditions. Downloading the data is very simple. The user can simply insert into any computer and it will detect similar to a USB memory drive. It is compatible with PC, MAC or Linux systems. Upon insertion, it will generate PDF, CSV or TXT files. You can open the CSV file using Microsoft Excel. We supply this data logger with an optional inbuilt calibration certificate. The calibration certificate is traceable and you can see the same by clicking on a link in the report. The major features of this Temperature data logger without display are as below:
  1. You can download the data in a PC, Mac or Linux systems.
  2. Data download is very easy without the need for any USB cables, adaptors or any special software.
  3. For downloading the data, simply insert into any computer. It will detect like a USB memory drive within seconds.
  4. It generates reports in CSV (Excel), PDF and TXT formats automatically.
  5. It has a very high resolution of 0.015°C for temperature.
  6. It is possible to customize the PDF reports as per the customer needs.
  7. Considering the cost, this model is without an LCD display. However, it has 5 LEDs for alerts.
  8. The user can simply upgrade the software of the device through the USB connection.
Technical Specifications of Temperature recorder VAC-V1Mu without display suitable for PC, MAC or Linux
  1. SKU of this Temperature multi-use data logger without a display is 1000000103.
  2. You can use this Temperature Data Logger multiple times until the battery is over.
  3. The internal temperature sensor type is the Thermistor type.
  4. It can record more than 13,000 readings.
  5. This temperature data logger can operate within the temperature range of -40 °C to +80 °C or -40°F to +176°F.
  6. This temperature recorder can measure and record temperature readings from -40 °C to +80 °C or -40°F to +176°F.
  7. The accuracy of the temperature readings will be approximately ±0.3°C over the entire measurement range.
  8. The resolution of the temperature readings is 0.01°C
  9. It has a time accuracy of ±15 minutes per year.
  10. There is a separate Start and Stop buttons for the respective actions.
  11. The first method to start the recording is by pressing the start button on the data logger for a few seconds.
  12. The second method for starting the data logger is to program for autostart at a specific date and time.
  13. The third method is to automatically start the recording upon reaching a particular temperature reading.
  14. The user can program a delay duration. In such a case, the recording will start after a particular delay duration as per the programming.
  15. The first method to stop the recording is to manually stop the recording by pressing the stop button.
  16. The second method is to program for autostop at a specific date and time.
  17. The third method is to program the logger to stop the recording after a certain duration from the time of starting.
  18. The user can indicate 8 different benchmarks using the mark feature.
  19. It is possible to program the recording interval anywhere from one second to one day.
  20. It is possible to program for 4 total and or consecutive alarms.
  21. The sensor stabilizes approximately within 7 minutes (T90) in moving air.
  22. The battery is coin-type cells. However, the user cannot replace the battery.
  23. The battery life is 1 to 2 years based on the type of usage and temperature conditions.
  24. This low-cost temperature recorder does not have an LCD display. There are 5 alarm indicators on the logger.Temperature recorder Buy online
  25. This temperature recorder is suitable for PC, MAC or Linux. For downloading the data, you can simply insert the data logger into the USB port of PC, MAC or Linux.
  26. Upon insertion into a computer, it automatically generates TXT, CSV and PDF files. it doesn't need any special software from the manufacturer.
  27. You can download the software free of charge from our website.
  28. We also supply these models with inbuilt calibration report at additional charges. Please inform us during the order process.
  29. This low-cost temperature data logger complies with CE and RoHS certifications.
  30. The dimensions of this temperature data logger are 78mm x 48mm x 9 mm.
  31. The weight of this recorder is 16.0 grams.
  32. The ingress Protection Class is IP30.
  33. You can incorporate a password during programming to prevent unauthorised deletion or manipulation of data.
  34. We offer a warranty of 1 year for this temperature recorder.

Multi-use Temperature recorder model iMini MX-IN-S-8-L with LCD display

iMini series, model no. MX-IN-S-8-L is one of our most popular temperature recorder data logger. It is very simple to operate and download the data. Technical details of this model are as below.
  1. We have numerous models with various memory capacity ranging from 8000 to 128,000 readings. The model MX-IN-S-8-L detailed in this page is having memory of approximately 8000 readings.
  2. The customer can program the recording interval from 5 seconds to 17 hours.
  3. The time accuracy for this model is ±1 hour per year.
  4. The SKU for this temperature recorder is 1000000009.
  5. We have various models with a combination of internal sensors as well as external sensors.
  6. The temperature measurement range is -40 ⁰C to +80 ⁰C or -40 ⁰F to +176 ⁰F.
  7. Temperature accuracy between the readings of -40 °C to -10 °C is ±0.5 °C.
  8. Temperature accuracy between the readings of -40 °F to +14 °F is ±1 °F.
  9. Temperature accuracy between the readings of -10 °C to +70 °C is ±0.3 °C.
  10. Temperature accuracy between the readings of +14 °F to +158 °F is ±0.6 °F.
  11. The resolution of the readings is 0.1 °C, 0.1 °F or 0.1%.
  12. Internal Sensor stabilizes within 20 minutes in moving air (T90).
  13. External Sensor stabilizes within 5 minutes in moving air (T90).
  14. The LCD can operate within the temperature range of -20 °C to +70 °C or -4 °F to +158 °F.
  15. It is possible to program 4 alarms viz. Two Red LEDs on the upper side and Two Blue LEDs on the lower side.Temperature recorder Buy online
  16. It is possible to mark separate events using the bookmark option.
  17. Users can program and reprogram any number of times using our free software.
  18. The first method for starting is by autostart at a specific date and time.
  19. The second method is to manually start by pressing and holding the start button.
  20. Similarly, the first method for stopping is by autostart.
  21. The second method is by manually pressing the stop button. It is possible to disable this feature so that no one else can stop the recording.
  22. When the memory is over, the program stops automatically.
  23. The user can set a delayed start so that it will start recording only after a certain time. This will allow the temperature to stabilize before the commencement of the recording.
  24. The dimensions of this temperature recorder are 83 x 57 x 17mm without external sensors and the lug.
  25. It weighs approximately 70 grams including the battery.
  26. The battery is a normal coin type cell. User can easily replace this battery.
  27. The battery will last between 1 to 2 years depending on sampling interval, operating temperature etc.
  28. The casing of this device is Polycarbonate/ABS.
  29. At additional charges, we can provide a calibration certificate. You also have to specify whether you want 3 point calibration or 5 point calibration.
  30. Upon inserting into a PC, you have to open our free software. Then it generates reports automatically.
  31. The reports are in PDF, TXT, CSV and CVT formats.
  32. You can provide password protection to prevent any unauthorised or unintended use.
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Product details of Multiple-use battery operated temperature recorder

  1. Brief Title of the device: Multiple-use, battery-operated Temperature recorders with display for recording and downloading the data.
  2. Brief Description of the device: Electronic recorder for recording temperature for medicines, vaccines, food, fruits, vegetables etc. It operates with a battery. You can see the readings on the screen. There are 5 LED indicators for visual alarms.
  3. Model number: VAC-1000000009
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number:1000000009
  7. Price (USD): 115.00
  8. Price Validity: 31 December 2021
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