Temperature, Humidity and Pressure data logger

///Temperature, Humidity and Pressure data logger

Data logger is an important device used in measuring and storing various parameters especially temperature, humidity and air pressure. Data loggers come in different shapes and sizes and we can power them by batteries. Portable data loggers are versatile which we can use in various applications.

The usage of data loggers can range from testing and calibration purpose to monitoring and identifying system faults that relate to environmental factors. In manufacturing, pharmaceutical or data centres, data loggers capable of measuring air pressure, temperature and humidity are extremely useful in helping to maintaining a suitable environment that prevents cross contaminations.

Accuracy is of great importance when it comes to data logging solutions. In certain industries, such as agriculture and horticulture, a variance of 1°C can be critical to the mortality of plants and animals. Besides that, a professional analysis software is helpful in retrieving and turning the raw data into graphical formats to help the operating team gain a better understanding.

This calls for a reliable data logging solution that addresses all aspects of requirements such as storage capacity, power options, accuracy and the ease of data retrieval. Of course, a professional software that can turn the collected data into graphs and table is also a great added value feature.

Overview of Temperature, pressure & humidity data logger model VAC-DL200D

With years of professional experience in data logging for various industry, we understand your concern when it comes to seeking data logging solutions. Besides the data logger, reliable support from a reputable vendor is equally important. Thus, we would like to highlight our advanced temperature, pressure & humidity data logger, VAC-DL200D that we believe can cater to your various requirements.

Features of our Temperature, pressure & humidity monitoring data loggers

  • It can work as a standalone instruments.
  • Also you can connect to LAN for central monitoring.
  • It can record Temperature, pressure & humidity and other parameters from multiple parameters.
  • It can store more than 3 Million values.
  • It can simultaneously take recording from upto 20 channels.
  • It can take power from batteries, USB or PoE through LAN.
  • Alarm function is available for each channel.

Made in Germany, the VAC-DL200D is a powerful and high-quality multi-channel data logger that boast precision in the captured values. It is able to accurately measure temperature, relative humidity, and air pressure through built-in sensors. Its compact and lightweight design mean that it is ideal for remote and space constrained applications.

While the DL200D is fit to use in various applications, it is specially designed for calibration and testing laboratories. It features a high capacity storage, with the ability to log up to 3.2 million measured values. This means that you are able to leave the data logger running for a longer period of time before the memory is full.

Our temperature, pressure & humidity data logger is capable to record up to 20 separate measurement channels at the same time. For each measured parameter, users can opt to record any one or more of the following values: current, minimum, maximum or average. This gives the flexibility of segregating different measurement types of the same parameter into separate group or channel.

Besides the choice of selecting desired measurement types, the DL200D also features variable measurement intervals, timer and alarm functions of the respective measurement channels. This can be useful in systems where users want an alert when the environmental parameters deviate from the desired range.

As with any user-friendly data logger, the DL200D has a three-row LCD that can display the current value of any of the 20 channels. We can use the same LCD display during setup and switching between operating modes through the simple use of push buttons. Customer can perform advanced configurations through the SmartGraph software available with the data logger.

The SmartGraph software of the temperature, pressure & humidity data logger is a central part of the data logging solution. It has the ability to export measurement values, visualize the data in graphs and produce useful reports. This solves the problem of having to build our own data analytic software or incurring additional expenses in purchasing one separately.

You can use the DL200D in both standalone and network-based application. In a network application, you can connect the data logger the LAN. Then it transmits the data either via UDP or TCP in network mode. It also comes with the flexibility in terms of power sources. You can provide different power source such as USB, PoE or replaceable batteries.

The ability to store a massive amount of records, portability, and highly accurate measurements means that this recorder is an ideal device for calibration purposes. The ability to record millions of data and translated into meaningful reports for the customer makes it useful for advanced functions like automatic humidity generator commonly used calibration rooms.

Setting up the DL200D Temperature, pressure & humidity recorder

We have the priority of our clients in mind when developing this temperature, pressure & humidity data logger. A highly precise data logger would be meaningless if our clients have to go through a lengthy and complicated setup procedure. We have designed the DL200D logger to be user-friendly and with simple setup procedures.

The SmartGraph software is for configuring advanced or one-time setup, such as synchronization of time and visualization preferences. You have to connect this data logger to the PC via the USB cable during the initial setup for the configuration downloads. For basic setups, such as the operating modes you can use the push buttons on the data logger.

This data logger supports 4 basic operating modes. The first mode, M1 is where the data logger is inactive and not recording any values. The display will show “OFF” to indicate that it is in an idle mode. The second mode, M2, is a state where the data logger is measuring the configuration values but does not store the values into the internal memory. The display will show the “STOP” status to indicate this mode.

The third operating mode, M3, is where the data logger measures and record the parameter values according to the configuration set by the SmartGraph software. You can store up to 20 channels simultaneously at a maximum 1 recording per second. The word “REC” in the display indicates this mode. The fourth mode M4, is similar to M3, with the only difference that you do not see the measured values on the screen.

Measurement Groups and Alarm Functionality of the DL200D


The data logger supports measurement of temperature and dew point in Fahrenheit and Celcius unit. Besides that, the DL200D model is also capable of measuring absolute and relative humidity and air pressure. We can also separate these various measurement to current values, minimum, maximum and median.

This gives the data logger a total of 32 channels of different measurement values. From that, you can select up to 20 channels and record the values into the internal memory simultaneously. The DL200D has an intelligent data storing algorithm. If you desire, it will overwrite the old records by new ones when the memory is full. This ensures a continuous recording operation at all time.

While accurate measurement is a valuable characteristic of a data logger, respective personnel may sometime need alerts when parameters like air pressure, temperature or humidity deviates beyond the specified requirement. This is especially true in critical areas like operating theatre, semiconductor manufacturing facilities and data centres. The alarm feature in the DL200D came in handy in such situation.

You can configure the DL200D temperature, pressure & humidity data logger to monitor parameter values between a lower and upper limit. When the values go beyond the range, an alarm indicator flashes. As the parameter returns to normal condition, the alarm symbol will stop flashing but remain to indicate an alarm has occurred. This is helpful for inspecting technicians who may miss out the first occurrence of the alarm.

It records all the alarms and you can retrieve for audit and reporting purposes. In cases where marginal deviation may trigger multiple alarm within a short period, the device also supports alarm hysteresis that may help to overcome this problem. You can define a valid normal range so that the alarm would return to normal when it hit the normal values. This will greatly reduce the alarm logs created by marginal values.

Operating The DL200D temperature, pressure & humidity data logger in Network Mode

While portability means you can use the DL200D in space-constrained applications, data retrieval can sometimes be troublesome. With a built-in network card, the DL200D supports Ethernet connection, that enables it to operate on LAN or WAN. This broadens its scope of application as well, as a remote monitoring station can be set up to view and analyze the parameter values.

The DL200D has the option to operate on either the UDP or TCP mode. In UDP mode, it is essential to allow for broadcasting in the network, as the central software attempts to locate and identify connected data loggers. If you use the device on a separate network, you may also require a fixed IP.

You can also configure the DL200D temperature, pressure & humidity data logger to run in the TCP mode. TCP mode provides an easier means to track the connection of individual data logger. The DL200D sends data packet on a default TCP port. It will close when a TCP timeout occurs for more than 120 seconds. Both UDP and TCP communicates on default ports and there must be no blockage by any firewalls.

It is important for installers and users to pay attention to the power requirement of the DL200D when it is operating in network mode. It consumes a higher power and is not suitable to run on battery in this mode. The device automatically disables the network mode if you configure the device to run on battery.

There are two options to power up the DL200D in network mode and both require external power supply. Installers can supply power to the data logger with the USB cable. Also you can provide a PoE option that allows the data logger be powered through LAN cables. You will have to provide these details during purchase.

Applications Air Pressure, Temperature and Humidity recorder model VAC-DL200D


When it comes to professional equipment in measuring and recording environmental parameters, nothing beats a highly precise data logger. The DL200D is not only equipped with highly accurate sensors but also has the versatility to measure and record air pressure, temperature and humidity values in a single device.

This flexibility puts DL200D temperature, pressure & humidity data logger at an advantage as technical personnel does not need to equip themselves with different devices. With a range of -20°C to +50°C, 0% to 100% and 300 to 1300 hPa in temperature, humidity and air pressure measurement respectively, the DL200D data logger is well suited in a broad range of applications.

For instance, warehouse storing materials like woods or pharmaceutical items may require continuous monitoring of the environmental parameters such as the temperature, humidity and air pressure. Instead of setting up complicated measurement system, a portable DL200D can do a good job of measuring and capturing the parameters for calibration purposes.

The cold chain delivery industry is another industry where we have to control the environmental parameters. The system has to detect any anomalies as soon as possible to prevent goods damage in deliveries. The DL200D data logger, with its alarm sounder function, can double up as both calibration device and a compact monitoring solution for this purpose.

Cross contamination and growth of bacteria are critical issues in food processing facilities, especially with raw food items like poultry and fish. Although the facility has with environmental parameter regulations systems, calibration may be required from time to time. The DL200D data logger, with its ultra-high capacity of storage, can help in recording the relevant parameters for calibration purpose.

With the world getting more interconnected with internet and cellular technologies, the demand for data centres is increasing and so does the intolerance of any breakdown in the facilities. As such, proper control of air flow, pressure temperature and humidity are important to maintain an optimal working environment for the equipment. The DL200D data logger, with its network capability, can be ideal for a remote monitoring and data logging solution where data centres are a concern.

The DL200D data logger shall make environmental data logging an easier process and the results easily converted to meaningful graphical representation and reports. This is helpful to facilitate management and operational team to determine the best course of actions based on the comprehensive data provided.

Pressure, Temperature and Humidity monitoring for hospitals

Environmental factors of air pressure, humidity, and air pressure are one of the top priority when operating theatre is a concern. A hospital has to ensure the optimal environment to ensure there is no exposure for patients to any health risk while the surgery is in progress. This is where a hospital can use DL200D as a standalone environmental data logger to quickly alert the medical personnel of any breaches in the values limit.

Various rooms such as Operation Theater, isolation wards, CSSD rooms (central sterile services department) require negative or positive pressure in the rooms. This is very important for preventing contamination. Our combined data logger is useful for all such applications.

For all your requirements of temperature, pressure & humidity data logger, please contact our sales office.