Low budget cold room and chiller room as per requirements

//Low budget cold room and chiller room as per requirements

Cold and chiller Rooms

Cold Rooms are commonly used to preserve perishable goods for a longer period, the rooms are commonly made up of PU sized panels from 5 Cm to 20 Cm, all of which can easily lock or joint together. A cold room consists of floor, sidewalls & roof panels and a cooling device. Custom-built rooms are ideal for commercial requirements as it is fabricated as per the size for huge storage requirements. Prefab or standard sizes cold rooms from 6 sqm to 20 sqm are ideal for domestic and household purposes like joint family, farmers, small scale traders, etc. Cold Room or Chiller Rooms for Vegitables and fruits. Cold room (also called a cool room, chiller room) is a walk-in storage facility in a controlled condition to keep a consistent temperature between 2°C to 12°C., it is widely used to preserve the quality of stored products like fruit, vegetables, beverages, flowers, medicine, cheese, eggs, and other fresh foods. These kinds of cold rooms are energy efficient and low consumption of power and work in single-phase electricity with a minimum of 2 kilowatts onwards which is a very famous African region farmers and small scale traders. 

Cold or chiller Rooms for Cakes, chocklates and confictioneroes

“Butter softened to room temperature” is not listed just for fun. Most baking recipes begin with creaming butter and sugar together. So our most cold rooms are set for the required temoerature and humidity. Yes baking and Confictioneries from the begning of production unitilll the end user, the temperature keeps a big roule to maintain the taste and quality. On an awerage the temperature required for this type of cold rooms are from a temperature rage of 4 degree to 12 degree . Mostly this units fabricate as walk in chiller with galss window , for the easy visibility for the customers if its installed inside the show room. These unist is also mostly installed inside the buildings and supermarket stores. As per the requierments humidity controlling devices and temperature monitoring devices are also attached. 

Cold Rooms for Medicines and dairy products 

This is the most crucial part of the cold room service / operation. The temperature and humidity to be monitored and logged. Any mode of failure will couse huge risk and responsibiltyies. The unit mostly required bacteria free . These type of storages are commonly used in a specification of 2 x 2 mtrs , 3 x3 mtrs and 4 x 4 mtrs. Mostly these type of cold rooms are kept inside the ware house or buildings . As per the requiermnst the unit sizes can be customized and inslatted. 

Freezer Rooms for Fish and meat products

One of the most traditional or conventional type of Freezer room( blast freezer, shock freezer used form last decades, to keep your frozen items for longer period in a minus temperature of – 35 to – 10 degree. The comnly used cold rooms in this type is fabricated always with 10 Cm or above thick panels or side awalls. This type of units need the cooling or set temperature to be met in very less time frame, so the indoor unit will be having very high speed fans used for high aircirculation and fast cooling speed. Which leeds the products can achive the temperature in very less time frame so it can keep such stored products like sea food, meat in fresh quality. The microorganism that affects the quality of food will be refrained or killed in the extremely cold environment inside freezer rooms with temperature less than -18°C. The blast freezer can be quick freezing of stored products from +70°C to -18°C in less than 4 hours to keep the food in fresh conditions. Freezer rooms are widely used in food industry like restaurants, catering unit, Supermakets fishermans , trders etc. The conventional type of cooling devices, are comapritively more power consuming, and lareger coldroom cooling devices only work in 3 phase electricity. 

Industrial Cold Rooms 

Industrial Cold Rooms are used for storing a much higher volume of stock such as in pallets , polythene bags , catoons and bulk quantities. These type of cold rooms will be comanly loading the goods like small trolley, Industrial ones have a lot more space which can involve access for vehicles such as forklift and trucks. They have a different design feature than the rest to accommodate larger doors or rolling shutters and racking system to accomade more goods in smaller area. The conventional type of cold rooms , will be having huge cooling units in three phase or concted to chill water lines. The indoor air blasers commonly use feding fans for ore air circulation, to maintain the entire ware in common temoerature. These type of cold rooms majory is in prositive degree temperature + 5 degree onwards, and negative degree temperature rooms involve more accosieres to maintain the temprature. 

Container Cold Rooms

To over come moving your foxzen / chilled products / Raw materials from one place to onother for a long distance, these mode of cold rooms are commonly used. These units can perform in 24 V Dc power , which is generated from the truck. So theis is very comonnly used fro transportation purposes. Nowdays the container itself is converted in to traditional cold rooms, due to its portability. You can move the cold room with the help of trailers and crane ( limited accesable up to road side or road acces) . 

More over the cost for these type of unist will be expensive than a traditional type of cold rooms, due to theaddtional cost of shipping container, limited with its standard height , length and width. 

Combi Cold rooms for Catering Units and Supermarkets 

All food / department material storage keeps varies the storage temperature, Some do want to kept in Room temperature to negative (Minus) degree of – ve 20 degree. So build a cold room seperatly will be a challenge for major of customers due to space and sufficient electricity. To solve this mode of requieremnst, a single cold room is divided in to to comaprtments / rooms with permentet or temperory dividers, So the customer can choose different temperature fpr two rooms. This mode of cold / chiile combination in commonly known as combi cold rooms. Which is ideal for supermarkets, Fish traders, Meat traders & Pharma units. These type of units are common in walk in models , and some do have customizing with glasss side walls for display to the customers. Vacker is providing this mode of solutions as per the requierments. 

Foldable and Movable Coldrooms

A cold room can build as per your requieremnst in lest than a hour and keep it back in a very small storage place after the requieremnst will be one of the uniqe , in cold room revelution. All insdusties like catering units, Dairy farmers, Agriculture, Mobile medical units, Trade shows is still facing a challenge to stock their products with out damage atlest 3 to 4 hours and maximum to 3 days. A traditional cold room, was not feesible to achive it. Then the concept was met with container cold rooms / moving trucks, again the bigger challenge was, this units must be parked / installed far from the event location, which again make the job tougher. We Vacker is build up a new solution, which can a complete soluction to overcome this challenges, by developing our foldable cold rooms, which will be 1/3rd size of normal cold rooms. As we discussed this is used as a mobile utilty cold rooms, there are limitations for the sizes. These type of cold rooms will be maximum 100 to 200 Sft. The specially designed unit , in with 4 sold wheels , which will help to move by a human being, and the inslation method is so simple as a cartoon box installation. The cold room can a temperature from negative ( minus) -5 degree to 25 degree temperature. Operated in single phase power supply and delivered world wide. 

How to select your cold room

Size: You can choose any size you like, but to make the room cheaper we recommend that you choose your sizes in even numbers (for example: rather choose 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4mH, instead of 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5mH). The longest roofs are 5m long, so when your room is 10m long, you will need two roofs of 5m each. For this, you will need roof supports that hang from an overhead structure. So if your room is longer/wider than 5m you will have to keep in mind that you will need an overhead structure or roof to hang the roof supports from. 

Panel thickness: Because of climate change we don’t make use of 75mm panels for cold rooms anymore. We recommend that clients make use of 100mm panels for cold rooms as the refrigeration units won’t have to work as hard. This also ensures that you use less electricity – something we don’t have too much of these days, and it doesn’t come very cheap either. 

Doors: Swing or hinged door. This is the cheapest option and normally works 100%. It is also the most durable. Sliding door. These are recommended when you will move large quantities of stock in and out of the room, don’t have space for a swing door to open (like in a small kitchen), or if you will make use of a forklift inside the room. Slam on the glass door. These are normally used in liquor stores, and close on the outside of the cold room on the panel itself. They tend to wear out with time but is your cheapest glass door. Architrave glass door. This one is more expensive than the slam on the door, but looks nicer and are more durable. They come in a frame and close inside the frame. They also have lights in the frame. These are normally used in houses and chain stores.

Floors: Cold rooms above 2 degree don’t need floors and we don’t work them out with floors, so if you want a floor in your cold room, make sure that you specify it from the start. 

Refrigeration:This is the most crucial part of the cold room. Make sure that you tell us what you are going to use the room for because the refrigeration gets worked out according to that so that you can be sure that you will get exactly what you need. For example, if you say you will use the room for keeping cold milk cold we work out the refrigeration for that purpose. If you forget to tell us that more than half the milk will actually come in warm, the refrigeration won’t work because it won’t be strong enough. However if you tell us that you going to put in warm milk, we will make sure that the refrigeration is strong enough for that purpose. We do it like this to make sure that you don’t pay more than you need to pay, as the refrigeration gets more expensive the bigger it gets. It is also crucial to tell us how long the pipe run will be (how far the outside unit is going to stand from the cold room), so we can work out your quotation accordingly. It is not advisable to make your pipe run longer than 15m.