NFC Data Logger

//NFC Data Logger

Sensitive products temperature can be traceability by NFC Data Logger. This is one of the data logger which works without a wire transfer.

NFC data logger is one of the high tech device which easily accessed data using smartphone. This device is equipped with the NFC technology along with GPS. It has efficient way of giving information of shipping information.

NFC Data Loggers have following key features:

  • NFC
  • Access to temperature history directly from any Android smartphone equipped with NFC technology

  • Logistics simplified
  • It can be directly programmed with any shipping or product information. Also, It is integrated 2.5mm thick which can be integrated in packaging.

  • Alert diodes
  • There will be method to receive cold chain breached condition using personalized diodes.

  • Security
  • PIN code is the method of security. Temperature history can be accessed only if somebody knows PIN code. Also it is encrypted through it.

  • High precision
  • 0.2°C precision between 0 and 30°C and 0.4°C on the rest of the range -30 to +70°C, with calibration certificate provided

  • Affordable and reusable
  • It has different ranges of products with different prices. It has recording from 30 days to 1 year. It is very affordable and please contact us for quotation.