Commercial Air Conditioner for efficient cooling of rooms

///Commercial Air Conditioner for efficient cooling of rooms

With a maximum capacity of 16 kW or 54,594 Btu/h, the Air Conditioner is the apt device to acquire the required cooling level in rooms or any closed space. Its galvanized panels in powder-coated steel boast a sturdy design that can endure aggressive environments. The settings can be changed by means of an easy-to-use control panel with a display which indicates the status of the operating mode, fan stage, and room temperature.

In addition, the air conditioner is built for convenient mobility. Its slim design allows it to fit in any doorway or lift. Casters and handles are fitted on the machine for easy movement. There are optional crane lugs if user prefers transport via cranes.  

The split-type Air Conditioner operates with two finned aluminium heat exchangers with thick-walled copper tubing. Its compressor is integrated on vibration absorbers to guarantee a long-lasting operational lifetime. The units are linked by means of a connection line with a standard length of 10 m. This length can be extended up to 30 m by using couplings. This way remote rooms or windowless areas can be reached and cooled. Optionally, using the Plano PT makes it possible to set up the air conditioner in spaces with no provision for wirings and heat exchange as it can be placed under doors.   

A strong centrifugal fan enables the air conditioner to cool even vast areas. The necessary cooling level is efficiently attained through hot gas defrost cycles that is controlled by a microprocessor and preselection of the required temperature and blower speed. The flow of air can also be regulated by adjusting the movable fins at the outlet grille. Moreover, the air conditioner utilizes water with glycol as a cooling medium, which prevents the loss of refrigerant.

Applications of Commercial Air Conditioner, model no. VAC-PT-15000-S

  1. It is used in huge spaces like trade fairs and exhibits where ample ventilation is required.
  2. The connection lines can be elongated in server rooms and control centres which usually don’t have an allocated space for such kind of device.
  3. It regulates the cooling level in production areas and laboratories. 
  4. The air conditioner can be reliably utilized for emergency cooling as it is easy to install. 
  5. It is conveniently set up in large tents for social functions due to its mobility and service-friendly design. 
  6. The device is ideal for use in offices and shops because of its efficient cooling capacity. 

Features of Commercial Air Conditioner, model no. VAC-PT-15000-S

  1. The internal unit has a hermetic refrigerant circuit. 
  2. Crane lugs can be optionally added to the air conditioner. 
  3. It is a robust device with refrigerant-free connection lines which only contain circulating water with glycol. 
  4. The split air conditioner is designed for sufficient mobility. 
  5. To facilitate cooling in vast spaces, the air conditioner is structured with adjustable outlet grille and two powerful axial fans.
  6. The blower level and temperature can be preset to attain the desired cooling climate.
  7. The aluminium heat exhangers (type PT S+) are equipped with thick-walled copper tubing.
  8. It has resilient panels made of galvanized and poweder-coated steel that allows it to withstand harsh operating conditions.   
  9. The connection lines can be extended to cover remote and windowless room through the aid of quick-lock couplings. 
  10. There is an allocated compartment at the back side of the air conditioner where cables and terminals can be stored, especially during transport.
  11. Installation of the units doesn’t require an expert technician. 
  12. The heat exhangers’ rotary compressor is integrated on vibration absorbers to lengthen its operational lifetime. 
  13. It comes in a slender design with well-built casters and bar handles that enable the user to transport the device easily even through narrow doors or lifts.   
  14. The hot gas defrost cycles of the air conditioner are controlled by a microprocessor.
  15. The optional Trotec Plano PT allows connections underneath doors. 

Specifications of Commercial Air Conditioner, model no. VAC-PT-15000-S for trade fairs, production areas, and control centres

  1. It emits a sound level of 51 dB(A), 56 dB(A), and 65 dB(A) for Stages 1 to 3 respectively within a distance of 3 m.
  2. The coolant sheathed by the connection lines is composed of water.
  3. It has a cooling capacity of 16 kW or 54,594 Btu/h. At a temperature of 25°C, the air conditioner can cool by 15 kW or 51,182 Btu/h.
  4. There are three fan stages.
  5. The Commercial Air Conditioner for offices and stores can achieve a minimum room temperature of 10°C. 
  6. It uses air filters that can be easily accessed for cleaning.
  7. Its utility power is 400 V/50 Hz.
  8. The air conditioner can be conveniently transported and carried through the help of its rotating wheels and crane lugs.
  9. Power input is 6 kW.
  10. Its dimensions are L415 mm x W1,065 mm x H1,500 mm (packaging excluded).
  11. Dehumidification and ventilation functions are available. 
  12. The refrigerant type being used  in a Commercial Air Conditioner for trade events and expositions is R-410A.
  13. The heat exchanger has a power input of .18 kW with a maximum stage sound level of 65 dB(A) within 3 m. 
  14. The Global Warming Potential (GWP) value is 2,088.
  15. The direction of air flow can be adjusted. 
  16. The ambient temperature range is 7 to 35°C.
  17. Its CO2 equivalent is 3.24 t.
  18. The air conditioner runs with a pressure of 3 mPa on the Suction Side and 4.15 mPa on the Discharge Side.
  19. The weight of the air conditioner is 189 kg excluding packaging. 
  20. The connection hose has a standard length of 10 m that can be extended up to 30 m by means of couplings.
  21. Recommended fusing is 32 A in a Commercial Air Conditioner for use in server rooms.
  22. The air conditioner is equipped with two heat exchangers  and a closed water circuit.
  23. The PT 15000 S is a split-type air conditioner.
  24. The air conditioner has an air output of 2,000 to 2,600 m3/h.
  25. Draining of condensates is automatic.
  26. Nominal current consumption is 9.5 A.
  27. The device comes with a room thermostat.
  28. It contains 1,550 g of cooling agent.

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