Turbo Fan TFV 10 for Drying Process

///Turbo Fan TFV 10 for Drying Process

The Skill-optimized industrial design of this Turbo Fan TFV 10 at Trotec is a round-shaped Turbo Fan with its patent-resistant design for multiple consumer benefits for technical applications. In most aspects, standard hollow space vents are similar. Nonetheless, the professional TFV Turbochargers break out of its way and stand out with incomparable features.

The Turbo Fan TFV 10 drying rate is increased with its equipped double-flow centrifugal fans, extra-large special shaft and specially shaped air outlet channels. Over a wide airflow generated near the ground the room air is optimally distributed and helps with damp screed or wet floor coverings. In the field of carpet cleaning, it brings a distinct advantage in saving time because of its accelerated drying. Being compared to other conventional turbochargers, the TFV 10 has a 3 times higher pressure and a 10 percent higher volume flow. The operating hour counter installed as standard is about the running hours.

The Turbo Fan TFV 10 comes with a good hold for the naturally released energy. With the anti-skid pedestals given, even at full power the TFV 10 is still capable of the three variably installation positions. The underfloor can be dried without any worries. The Striking cuboid design is packed with all the features of Turbo Fan TFV 10. Storage and Transport are comfortable and space saving, also the turbofan is stackable. The Turbo Fan TFV 10 comes with the integrated cable receiver, handy handle bar, rubber stop buffers and the protective recessed control panel, offers advantage in terms of transport and storage.

Applications of Turbo Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-10:

  1. It is used in Construction area like rooms for drying of paint.
  2. It is used for drying up paint of car specially in lower part to avoid droplets.
  3. It is used to make tile flooring faster to dry.
  4. It is used to dry wet flooring carpet for indoors.
  5. It is used for Quick elimination of moisture.
  6. It is used in furniture and fixture paints

Features of Turbo Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-10:

  1. It is robust like light polyethylene construction
  2. It has a double-flow centrifugal fans with extra-large special wave.
  3. It has all-around anti-skid base runners.
  4. It comes with a Multi-stage blower.
  5. It has several angles which is useful in operation and storage possible.
  6. It consists of High energy efficiency for an equally powerful and energy saving purpose.
  7. It has a motor with quality ball bearing and has no one-sided load on the shaft.

Specifications of Turbo Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-10 for Drying Process, Wet flooring material, and quick elimination of moisture

  1. The dimensions of the Turbo Fan are L247 × W235 × H237 mm. 
  2. The turbo fan is having an air flow stage 1: 310 m³ / h
  3. The turbo fan is having an air flow stage 2: 380 m³ / h
  4. The Air flow type is blowing out. 
  5. The Fan stage is one. 
  6. The maximum air pressure is 150 Pa. 
  7. It has a max. conveying temperature of up to 60°C. 
  8. The connection voltage is up to 230 V / 50Hz. 
  9. The power consumption will be 0.09 kW. 
  10. The connector type will be CEE 7/7 with a cable length of 3m.
  11. The required fuse for the connector will be 10 A type.
  12. It will have a sound level of 61.5 dB (A) with a distance of 3 m. 
  13. The turbo fan mobility is portable and stackable. 
  14. It has a built in Protection class of IP22. 
  15. The weight of the turbo fan is 4.95kg. 

We supply these Turbo Fan TFV 10 for Drying Process in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and other European Countries. Also we supply these Turbo Fan for Drying process in Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh Singapore etc.