Turbo Fan TFV 10S for Air Circulation

///Turbo Fan TFV 10S for Air Circulation

Introducing the new turbo fan TFV 10S with an expertise for drying of floors and walls, provides a wide and flat airflow for a much better dryness. This new versatile turbo fan is the ideal aid for your assistance in drying of walls or a floor after a water damage. It is very useful for construction works like drying of screed, drying of painted walls and much more. The turbo fan is also made for indoors assistance like drying of carpets after wet cleaning shampooing and for some areas which has poorly accessible intermediate spaces that requires ventilation. Speaking of indoors it is also used for a better air circulation with its extremely compact dimensions suited particularly well for smaller areas.

This turbo fan TFV 10S can be used in three different positions like 0° angle, 45° angle and 90° angle. The TFV 10S is the perfect universal equipment for any Construction, restoration, crafts and cleaning services made with a robust compact construction and a high application flexibility on a combined performance with an excellent value-for-money at the same time. 

Applications of Turbo Fan, model VAC-TFV-10S

  1. It is used in rooms for a better air circulation.
  2. It is used in drying painted walls in a room.
  3. It is used for accelerating the construction drying process.
  4. It is used in wet flooring surfaces
  5. It is used for carpet drying.
  6. It is used in ventilation of hollow spaces.
  7. It is used in ventilation of cavities within a solid object.
  8. It helps reduce the drying process of screeds within a surface
  9. It is used as drying support for water damage restoration.
  10. It is used for eliminating moisture at the underbody of a vehicle

Features of Turbo Fan, model VAC-TFV-10S

  1. The turbo fan TFV 10S has a very high airflow rate.
  2. It has multifunctional turbo fan used for buildings or screed, as well as drying of carpets and areas with poorly accessible spaces.
  3. It has an all-around anti-skid pedestals that can hold the device even at full power with a 3 different positions.
  4. The corner design of this turbo fan is stackable for another same device up to 5 stacked devices which is very useful for space saving storage.
  5. It has the capability to connect an optional three-way hose distributor in order to direct the airflow into three different locations.
  6. It is equipped with a service socket so you can operate another device using the same socket.
  7. The socket is ready for operation and does not need to be switched on as long as it is already connected to the mains.
  8. It has a carrying handle and a cable holder where you can wound around the cable.
  9. It has a turbo fan that is very well suited for quick elimination of moisture at the underbody of a vehicle.

Specifications of Turbo Fan, model VAC-TFV-10S for drying of walls, air circulation, and ventilation of hollow spaces

  1. The parameter of the airflow rate of TFV 10S is 355 m³/h
  2. The main connection requires a 1/N/PE ~ 230 V / 50Hz.
  3. This Turbo fan has a nominal current consumption of 0.5 A.
  4. The maximum power consumption parameter is 0.07 kW.
  5. The recommended preliminary fuse is 10 (A)
  6. The free blowing Stat. air pressure has a max of 90 Pa.
  7. The turbo fan TFV 10S has a protection type of IP22.
  8. The sound level of TFV 10S from a 3m distance is 61.5 dB(A).
  9. The type of fan used in this device is a radial fan set as a standard equipment.
  10. The blowing out feature of air current is included in the standard equipment.
  11. It has an air discharge speed of 8.6 m/s.
  12. It has an air discharge speed of 31 km/h.
  13. The TFV 10S transport medium temperature with a maximum of 60°C.
  14. The electronic connection plug type is CEE7/7
  15. The cable length of the Turbo fan TFV 10S is 3 meter in length.
  16. For safety feature the IP Type of protection is 22.
  17. The dimensions of this Turbo Fan TFV 10S, model VAC-TFV-10 are L 300 x W 275 x H 330 mm.
  18. The weight of this turbo fan is 4 kg.

We supply this Turbo Fan TFV 10S for air circulation, drying of walls, and drying of floor surfaces in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and other European countries. Also, we supply this Turbo Fan TFV 10S for air circulation, drying of walls and drying of floor surfaces in the Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, etc.